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Any clarifications regarding portal/wayspot criteria is outdated.
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October 2019

Q43: There was a recent debate on reddit about “Bridges” being portal candidates. Regular car bridges clearly should not be portals, however what about wooden walking trail bridges throughout a park or nature preserve on the trail/path?
A43: The answer from NIA OPS is, “If they are accessible by foot and expected to be used as part of the trail, they would meet criteria.”

August 2019

Q78: I noticed a lot of portals featuring large fountains have disappeared in my city, even if the portal was at the edge of the fountain, on dry land where agents "can interact with it". Please clarify "interaction" with a fountain - does it mean reach out with your hand and physically touch the falling water?
A78: One of the criteria for eligibility is the object in question needs to be accessible by foot. If the fountain is in the middle of a roundabout with no crosswalks leading up to it, it can be considered ineligible and removed. If you feel the candidate was removed incorrectly, you can post a public appeal in the Community.

December 19th 2017

Q52: Could niantic release a statement that clarifies the term ‘safe pedestrian access’ as portal acceptance criteria please? In my interpretation ‘safe’ is related to safety. And as such should not be an optional feature that can apply if deemed convenient or the time of the day suits. Niantic is classifying portals on roundabouts as unsafe for the full day. Not just for the morning and afternoon rush hour, correct? A cyclist may capture a portal from a bike (not by foot). But the safety aspect should ensure that every time the cyclist would need to get off his/her bike (eg to avoid a crash), they can do so safely, correct?
A52: Safe. Pedestrian. Access. This is not safe vehicle access, safe cyclist access, or any other access. Pedestrian. Adventures on foot.