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Any clarifications regarding portal/wayspot criteria is outdated.
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December 19th 2017

Q1: Why are portals on private property allowed? Private corporations, military bases, etc. are content that an average agent is completely unable to access that can directly affect their gameplay with control fields covering them or links blocking them. They should not have to play at a disadvantage.
A1: Portals on corporate property are allowed because restricted access is not the same as private residential access. The people that can access portals on corporate grounds are doing so legally as they have access to the location. It would however, be considered trespassing in many areas of the world for anyone other than the property owner to access a Portal on private residential property. What you are referring to as a disadvantage is normalized globally.
Q2: Can you please clarify OPS position on Traffic Circles and Traffic Dividers. OPR and portal related.
A2: This is a very general question. The rule of thumb is - can a Portal be accessed safely. If you have to cross four lanes of continuous traffic driving in circles, it probably isn't going to be considered safe.
Q3: Dear Andrew, I am thinking about a new kind of shield these days. I always associate shields with condoms.... I know it must not be a normal idea but I think it will be interesting if Nia cooperates with corporations like Sagami and Okamoto, just like what you did with AXA. Nia. can develop a kind of shield which is really fragile or invisible, but it can block links from the deployed portal... Or it may have other features like that. What do you think of this kind of idea? Hoping to get your answer. Thank you.
A3: Anything is possible. The developers read my AMA's so maybe you'll inspire one to create something like this.
Q4: Will there be any improvements or changes in PRIME for completing and creating missions/mosaic?
A4: When it launches I don't think there will be. The initial goal is to have feature parity with 1.0. In the mid to long term future - anything is possible.
Q5: Where do you hang your mistletoe?
A5: I don't.
Q6: Did you ever get clarification on using apps like Fake Camera to submit portals remotely?
A6: Don't fake your location. Just don't do it.
Q7: Any new around submissions? Increase, lower level? How about OPR? lower level? What about old submissions 84 days and counting ..
A7: I have nothing new to report.
Q8: What about Ingress official events for latam? Like NL or primary anomalies for the next quarters? 👀 #latamdeservessomeingresslove
A8: Latin America is the only place that would like an Anomaly. We do our best to try to spread things around based on what we can support and the goals we have. Ultimately, someone's feelings will always get hurt.
Q9: When can we have VR force Amps and turrets?
A9: It is not up to me, but I will pass your suggestion along.
Q10: There are a few people out there claiming that people are abusing opr. Are you hearing any evidence that this is actually happening anywhere?
A10: I've heard reports. I've passed things on to the OPR team to investigate.
Q11: Could we have a better way for agent MissionDay check-out without the typo?
A11: What would your suggestions be?
Q12: When will be announced Q1 XM Anomaly?
A12: We are working on a few things internally and are not ready to comment on any Q1 events. Hopefully this will be resolved this week or next.
Q13: With an OSM map we have lots of black holes on the scanner, do you have any solution? This problem is really terrible and dangerous to agents who use scanner to find the road.
A13: Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
Q14: Is Ingress Prime can reduce GPS spoofing problems? You might think yes, but I don't think so.
A14: Time will tell. I am optimistic.
Q15: Why we didn't have SMS verified on scanner now. I think it may reduce some multi-account.
A15: I don't know.
Q16: I have heard that some agents delivered their ticket to the register counter and hacked the registration portal, but they didn't get the EXO5 medal push. What can they do?
A16: Have them contact the POC. Chances are there is a typo in their registration. A common error I see is people putting their email address in the Agent name field.
Q17: NL-Prime:Phase I Expansion at Taipei and Taichung will it have Phase II Expansion at somewhere? Or NL-Prime back to Japan?
A17: That is up to Akira.
Q18: Will 2017 characters card be sold in 2018 Q1 Anomaly?
A18: I have no idea.
Q19: Do you think having more options for alerts on different portals is an intriguing idea?
A19: I do. I like it a lot actually.
Q20: Is the ingress RPG being changed in anyway because of ingress prime or was it developed with prime in mind.
A20: I don't know.
Q21: Do you think we need a more comprehensive OPR review guide? It feels like there is differing consensus on a lot of different criteria.
A21: It probably couldn't hurt. What do you have in mind? Shoot me a message and I'll pass it along.
Q22: What's with the lack of media anymore? No EXO5 media at all. No ingress prime media.
A22: Poor media. First people dislike it. Now people want more of it.
Q23: In OPR, Water Towers have an exception to the accept rule. That is do not accept if one must gain access to a restricted area. Why does this rule not apply to other candidates? Or does it apply? Need some clarification please.
A23: I really don't know. I'll have to ask for clarification so I cannot provide an answer at this time.
Q24: Are QCaps now hackable? If yes should we expect a temporary hack increase like the Lawson/Circle K?
A24: I don't think so. But please don't quote me on that as I have a nagging voice in the back of my head saying they are. It is unlikely that there will be a hack increase... at least I have not heard anything. However, anything is possible.
Q25: Will QCaps duplication rate "return to normal" as MUFQs had in the past?
A25: I don't know.
Q26: Are you aware that QCaps look like a trash can?
A26: My trash can looks like a QCap.
Q27: Should we expect any christmas or new year event?
A27: People always want spoilers. I am sworn to secrecy.
Q28: When will you notice us 2018 Q1 Anomaly schedule?
A28: When we have finalized whatever the plan forward is.
Q29: I guess this is the last AMA in 2017.
A29: I'll be taking a week or so vacation time to spend with my family. So more than likely this will be the last one of 2017.
Q30: Q1 anomaly dates - Can we expect an announcement?
A30: Expect? I hope so.
Q31: Since the switch to OpenStreetMap data, roads and buildings are not shown on the scanner for regions tagged in OSM as "Military Area" - this has been confirmed with agents in Maryland, Virginia, and Florida. As it can be unsafe to navigate to a portal (on foot or by vehicle) with NO geographical guidance from the scanner, I have reported this as a bug. Do you have any information on whether NIA is planning to reduce or eliminate gameplay on military installations - as indicated by the requirement to 1-star portals on bases - or if this is simply a result of the OSM switch and may be corrected?
A31: I really can't comment on this because I don't know and at the time of writing this I couldn't get an answer. Sorry.
Q32: Is a single building apartment complex a public space?
A32: This is a very vague question and would require more information to give an informed opinion. However, generally, they are not considered private residential property.
Q33: Hi Andrew! Will Ingress Prime retain Intel Map?
A33: I have not heard of any changes to Intel in the short term.
Q34: In Germany, a group of people remembers the holocaust by placing bronze stones permanently on the sidewalk in front of houses where deported familys lived, called “Stolpersteine”...Some players are misusing OPR to create home portals by creating Stolperstein portals far away from the real location. ...Is there a possibilty to escalate those portals? Of course, we try to move them to the correct location, but these portal edits often get rejected. Other Stolperstein portals were created with pictures from other citys, so they should be deleted.
A34: Try using the Portal Appeals Google+ Community.
Q35: Do you plan to disable players from being able to create new portals? Like the mission tool?
A35: I'm not sure I understand the question.
Q36: Hi Andrew. I would like to ask again about that "instaresolved" ticket thing :)
A36: I wish I had an answer for you.
Q37: Can you give us some stats or indication on whether the OPR queue is growing, being cleared or staying at the same level?
A37: I don't have access to those stats at this time.
Q38: This is agent @Russia G+ post and repost with TOS violations publically admitted, after many report no action taken! - Unfortunately Niantic does not take the Ingress game any more seriously. Man... Please BAN it. Unfortunately Niantic does not take the Ingress game any more seriously. Man...
A38: It is unfortunate that people have this perception. It's hard to comment on this situation when I don't know how the data has been presented to NIA OPS. The post linked above doesn't work for me.
Q39: Can we do something about the fact that Aegis shields look horrible when deployed on a portal? They look like they're being badly scaled to fit the mod box.
A39: Thanks for the feedback.
Q40: Hi Andrew, will prime have a pay2play or pay2win model in it?
A40: I'm not sure why things would change from the way they are now.
Q41: Would it be possible to implement a tutorial or test for new level 10 agents who want to submit portals? Many poor submissions could be prevented if people better knew how to place their portal, what are good candidates, and what locations are off limits.
A41: We are working on a FAQ and will be sending a notification directing people to the FAQ once it is complete.
Q42: Niantic has made it clear that the construction or maintenance of third-party databases of Ingress player data is a violation of the Ingress Terms of Services. My understanding of the TOS is that the use of these databases by individual players is also a violation. I’m curious about a service out there called Outgress. It appears to be a third-party database of Ingress player data, but it’s built out of attack notification emails. The folks behind it claim that “Niantic does not attempt to put terms on what you are allowed to do with your emails. You are free to search, compile, share, etc.” Is it true that the attack notification emails are not covered by the Ingress TOS? Would you advise players that it’s ok to use or contribute to this service?
A42: I have to default to the Ingress TOS. Within there contains the line that you agree NOT to "index" content. I am no lawyer so take what I am about to say with that in mind. Attack notifications seem to fall under "content" as they are generated as a service by Ingress that you can opt out of. So to me, yeah, that system seems like a violation of the TOS.
Q43: Hi Andrew! Does Ingress Prime support 3th faction in technical way?
A43: In a technical way? I'm sure it could. Will there be a third faction when Prime launches? Not that I've heard of.
Q44: Given that some tickets are about one player with multiple accounts. Isn't it better in these cases to have all of the data in a single ticket?
A44: You don't need to report every account. Just the main account and in the supporting details list the multi-accounts if you want. Or, just report the main account and state that it is the main and there are multiple accounts associated with it. There is no need to report every single MA.
Q45: Faction bias in OPR. Can we expect anything done to it in the near future? Is it discussed?
A45: Yes it has been discussed. I have passed on examples brought to my attention to the team.
Q46: I'm not yet sold on the new color scheme for Ingress Prime. Why are there purples and pinks and reds floating around?
A46: That is not something I can answer.
Q47: Will Beirut, Lebanon host an anomaly in 2018? #SantaNIA
A47: Only time will tell.
Q48: Good morning Andrew! How are you?
A48: Tired
Q49: We have portal A and portal B with a link between them (blue or green, doesn't matter). An agent of the other faction destroys one of the two portals. Is there any way to know which of the two portals will drop the key of the other portal?
A49: I think it is based randomly on the portal you linked to.
Q50: Any news about the Guardian Badge?
A50: Nothing that I can talk about publicly yet.
Q51: In last weeks AMA your reply to Question 76 was that ‘in the spirit of the game, actions should be based on your physical location’. Would you include submissions under the term actions?
A51: Yes.
Q52: Could niantic release a statement that clarifies the term ‘safe pedestrian access’ as portal acceptance criteria please? In my interpretation ‘safe’ is related to safety. And as such should not be an optional feature that can apply if deemed convenient or the time of the day suits. Niantic is classifying portals on roundabouts as unsafe for the full day. Not just for the morning and afternoon rush hour, correct? A cyclist may capture a portal from a bike (not by foot). But the safety aspect should ensure that every time the cyclist would need to get off his/her bike (eg to avoid a crash), they can do so safely, correct?
A52: Safe. Pedestrian. Access. This is not safe vehicle access, safe cyclist access, or any other access. Pedestrian. Adventures on foot.
Q53: If we have a suggestion/opinion about the change of portal criteria, to whom we should talk with?
A53: Send a message to NIA OPS.
Q54: About tow months ago, in Argentina and Chile we made an Op with which we made 16 layers that covered 100M + MUs. A few hours later, a spoofer from our same faction appeared, neutralizing one of the vertices and destroying all the time and money we had spent on something really satisfactory. The account was banned, but we lost a beautiful job in the hands of someone who was sitting in his chair. Beyond the ban, have you thought of any way to discourage spoofers? Because in the situation that we are, I believe that the ban no longer matters to the spoofers. Is there any way for Niantic to implement something to undo any action performed by a spoofer and backtrack the map at the time of the cheat?
A54: This is not possible at this time.
Q55: How about pay 10$ for rearranging your badges and you put that in store for a limited time! I’m pretty sure many agents will buy that just to rearrange their medals.
A55: How about for free once a month instead?
Q56: Is there any event for december that you guys are planning maybe an extra medal? Before prime gets released?
A56: For December? Not to my knowledge.
Q57: Why can't we skip as many portals as we wish in OPR? I won't value any portal inside the center of Madrid because they aren't being either accepted or denied, so it just messes my OPR agreements percentage up.
A57: Why would you not want to populate the Portal network?
Q58: Hi Andrew! Any word on the fix for the submissions that have been on queue for a couple of months?
A58: Still being worked on.
Q59: Here comes the most delicate question. Many times you defend the social edge of the game. We all know that Ingress is more than a game and that the community is very important. Here we know more real people than we do in the vast majority of games. The problem is that there are many people who take the game very personally. Do you think there is a point where many agents dehumanize themself in their mania of wanting to be more than the other faction? Do you think that many people can get to feel hate and get carried away by the dark side of force (ha)? How can we, agents do not look for problems, to end that unnatural hatred between players?
A59: I think a few bad apples can paint a picture that isn't true. I know how many daily and monthly users we have. The amount of people "carried away by the dark side" is very very very small. But it seems to be the topic a lot of people talk about. Someone once said that, drama, is the fuel of Ingress. While that might be true. I think the drama affects a small percentage. But most people like to stop and watch a train wreck so it gets more attention than the good things that occur sadly. I guess my point is... perspective. Don't get carried away with the drama.
Q60: Hi Andrew, lots of agents are traveling for Christmas or new year's eve to their hometowns or are visiting relatives at places outside their playing area, some of these places may not have any portals at all or any high level agents to submit portals. Don't you think it will be a good idea to increase the number of submissions during these holidays weeks? Thank you!
A60: It's not a bad idea. I'll pass it along.
Q61: Will Portal submission Level Clearance Change to L8 in future? Or we r stuck at L10?
A61: I have not heard of any plans to lower it at this time.
Q62: I know about two diferent cities and dates with events scheduled but no official announce. Why this delay?
A62: There are no Anomalies finalized so I wouldn't buy into rumors. If it is a Mission Day or something else, I have no idea.
Q63: do you plan to release vr force amps and turrets at some point? These mods are often considered as trash mods (it's been asked already)
A63: I have no heard of any plans.
Q64: there's currently no big advantage in leveling up except for opr access and a bit more xm in your tank (lawson too). What do you think of a '' bonus point '' system that you could invest a each level up after the l 8, like 1% more damage to your xmps, 3% more health to your resonators, etc etc?
A64: We've had talks of a talent point or archetype point system. It's all just discussion at this point.
Q65: It's clear more people want more anomalies. (myself included) What is being done to scale the live events so more people may enjoy anomalies?
A65: We have having these discussions at the moment actually. There are some very cool ideas on the table.
Q66: Can we expect Ingress Prime to be released before the Q1 anomaly series?
A66: If I answer this question this is likely going to be the last AMA I ever do.
Q67: When are the next anomalies?
A67: Next year.
Q68: Good morning Andrew! It's Tuesday! So I have to ask a silly question. Do you celebrate taco Tuesdays? And if you do, what kind of taco is your favorite?
A68: Yes. A good fish or shrimp taco.
Q69: When will Magnus13 and Exo5 Pull Patches be released on the Ingress store? I need more patches for my bag.
A69: Great question. I need to complete my pulls too. I don't know but I will ask.
Q70: How was the parteh?
A70: Epic. I am still recovering.
Q71: I think a wise man once said "that would be a good idea" when asked about announcing Q1 anomaly dates right after Exo5 finished. Do you agree that sooner is better than later?
A71: I agree with this very very very wise man.
Q72: The share profile button does not work for agent with multiple rows of badges using iPhone 6/7 Plus or iPhone X. Will this be fixed in Ingress 1.0?
A72: I hope so.
Q73: Will NIA tune the UI of Ingress for iPhone X?
A73: I have no idea. I hope so.
Q74: So close, no matter how far. Couldn't be much more from the heart... 🎵🎵
A74: Forever trusting who we are. And nothing else matters
Q75: Can you describe to us in full detail what criteria goes into determining the OPR “credit” performance rating?
A75: I can't. I'm not involved in the development of the system so I don't know the magic sauce myself.
Q76: I have noticed in the last week since 1.129.2, that portals that are flipped with either ADA refractors or JARVIS virii are not fully recharging their resonators or losing xm shortly after flipping. There are no frackers or agent interactions that can account for this phenomenon. Can you explain it? Is it a new feature or just an issue? Also Turkey or Ham for Xmas??
A76: Ughhhh... Shapers?!? For the Holidays we eat Ham. Lasagna for New Year's Eve though.
Q77: On Ingress birthday a lot of players have taken free key locker. However now they are forbidden to buy a set of 5 key lockers. So now they've stuck with the problem: buying 4 key lockers is more expensive than buying 5. Such situation seems to me very strange. I personally know several players which are more likely to return back a free key locker and buy a set of 5. Would you comment it?
A77: The special key locker and being able to own six was only available during the anniversary. If you purchased or received the special anniversary one, it is not part of the traditional five pack. Since you are limited to five key lockers (since you didn't partake in the 6 during the anniversary) you have to buy them separately. This was a limited time and limited edition offering.
Q78: what do you think about increasing single key duplication chances in the quantum capsule? when there's only one, it may take half a year or more to make a copy.
A78: I am not a fan.
Q79: Can we have something like this for ingress: http://services.rune... - Top Player Rankings by Skill - RuneScape Beside the rankings and profile lookups you also have a personal tab that shows your achievements and a paid option for more advanced features like stats tracking and analytics. Top Player Rankings by Skill - RuneScape Top Player Rankings by Skill - RuneScape http://services.rune...
A79: It is an interesting idea. We've toyed around with something like this in the past and gave it some thought about doing a quarterly leaderboard of sorts.
Q80: Will +NIA Ops be taking any more actions against the users of Riot or are the bans against the Devs the only actions that will be taken?
A80: The issue is not over.
Q81: Is there any chance of allowing links and fields to be created while already under a field?
A81: Not at this time.
Q82: Hello. Last week we had the precision that portals in military areas should be rejected. But... previously, a lot of us (I'm included) took your "if one can access then it's legit"-statement to assume that portals in military areas were legit, especially some vanguard of my mother tongue ( :-* ) That is a real turnaround. So, 1. Are portals in military areas before 11-dec-2017 still legit ? 2. If not, will NIA remove all of them, without any exception 3. What about the grey zones, I mean the military areas that open to public access sundays for catholic cult, or every 4-years for nautical events?
A82: The portal candidate criteria is subject to change. This does not mean that past selections are now currently invalid. It means that going forward these are invalid.
Q83: Hiya Andrew! It was nice to meet you in SF. What do you enjoy most when you are there?
A83: Spending time with my friends and eating clam chowder from Chowders on Pier 39.
Q84: Other than speed of the Glyph hack, is there any advantage to Complex command?
A84: I really don't know the answer to this.
Q85: Any update on limbo submissions.
A85: Not so much an update. But things are being worked on.
Q86: Where is Niantic on increasing the submission limit in cells with lower portal density?
A86: I think things are going according to plan.
Q87: If a Vanguards isn’t willing to help one faction (and just points at other Vanguards who don’t know the local situation, doesn’t speak the language etc.) Is that the way Vanguards should operate? Should a Vanguard be Neutral in his considerations?
A87: Vanguards are Agents just like you and everyone else. They hold no special powers and are not an extension of NIA OPS. They are a sounding board and offer Niantic insight and advice. I wouldn't expect them to be neutral just as I wouldn't expect every player to be neutral.
Q88: What's that status on the European EXO5 supporter kits?
A88: I believe they are out of customs with arrangements being made to distribute them.
Q89: Hello,the context is as follows: One of the criteria inside OPR system is the help from Street view, however, I have noticed than in some cases, the street view shown by default is not the latest available (for example, the place shown has a view from 2011, and the latest one is from 2016, verified from Google maps, changing date from 2011 to the most recent available), which is directly affecting our judgment criteria by grading portals under the impression that the spot does not exist, and also affecting the agent that submitted his contribution by receiving a rejection email for it. Does this exist now, or will there ever exist an effective measure to solve this problem? or how long will it take to implement this?
A89: I'd love to be able to answer this question. I just don't have the knowledge of OPR to do so.
Q90: how do you deal with man-child agents? you know, adults with the reasoning of a child
A90: Same way I treat my children.
Q91: While Aegis shields can be hacked, what about Quantum Capsules? Can they be hacked from portals now?
A91: If they aren't able to be hacked now they should be soon.
Q92: Have you ever heard of MUFG or now Quantum-farms. A herd of accounts simply breeding shields, viruses and even bursters? Did you ever think of limiting Quantum capsule working on accoubts which have been active (did actions, which can be tracked in intel) or something similar to reduce the problem scale?
A92: I think there are many creative things that can be done to reduce the problem.
Q93: Since we are getting so familiar with prospective portal regulations in OPR, should we, as the agents on the ground, also be working to clean out portals that don't meet these criteria by submitting them for removal?
A93: Seems like a good idea to me.
Q94: What beacon would you like to see made in the future?
A94: A bacon beacon.
Q95: When will the 2018 anomalies be announced?
A95: When we are authorized to announce them.
Q96: Can you give specific reasons as to why the switch was made from Google Maps to OSM?
A96: I cannot.
Q97: in ingress prime will all comms just be event feed with no communication option?
A97: No. Comm is being redesigned as well.
Q98: Do you consider IngressMosaik to be a positive thing for the Ingress community? Would you say it breaks the ToS? (These are two separate questions)
A98: I don't know enough about it to speculate whether it breaks the TOS or not. It's that same reason why I can't say if it is a positive thing for the community. However, just because something is a positive thing for the community doesn't mean that it should exist.
Q99: It seems like there is a chicken-or-the-egg scenario when it comes to the OPR approvals. You have given us agents the power to approve or decline portals for Ingress. However, there is the problem with both factions remaining “neutral” when it comes to OPR (i.e. agents for faction A tell all faction A agents to decline all submissions for “area 1” because “area 1” is controlled by faction B). Because of this agents who remain partial approve a legit portal while others might not approve the same portal therefore affecting their OPR standing. Now that back logged portals are mostly caught up is there any plan for NIA to take back OPR from the agents?
A99: Great question. None that I have heard of. That doesn't mean there won't be tweaks.
Q100: Are you aware of the term "eyewash"? :)
A100: Yes.
Q101: What do you think about having a way to scale back/down the visual effects in prime? I've seen concern expressed over unnecessary 3d art (floating fields etc) and the effect "prettying it up" will have on battery life.
A101: I'd recommend everyone hold off passing judgement until the final product is released.
Q102: Hi Andrew, will Prime be playable on slower phones and tablets. Or will there be minimum requirement for game play. 😎
A102: I'm sure there will be a minimum requirement. There almost always is with software. What that is, I have no idea.
Q103: The vanguard program was hyped as a big deal, and a lot of people had high hopes for it. Outside of a few social media posts and NiantiClaus, it doesn't seem like much has come out of the program so far. Are there other things the vanguards have been involved in? Had the program lived up to expectations?
A103: I think this was my fault for not managing expectations properly. The Vanguard program was not meant to be anything more than a sounding board for Niantic. Vanguards don't get super powers, aren't part of a red faction, don't get L16 bursters, or anything else. I tried to explain that as frequently as I could but it ultimately didn't resonate with the masses to expected more. The Vanguards have provided input on a whole host of topics that have helped shape Niantic's decision making process and outcomes. It's been good so far. I look forward to more collaboration in 2018.
Q104: In OPR, will there be a stat indicating how many portals to review in agreement to raise one's performance level?
A104: I have no idea.
Q105: Can Niantic take a good hard look at the possibility of working with its players to help Niantic incorporate these tools into "official" tools/software/etc instead of treating them as competitive or TOS-breaking, or taking advantage of their hard work while keeping them under the worry of wondering whether their tools will fall afoul of TOS in the future?
A105: Some of the tools you mentioned (I edited the post to show only the question) are official. For example, Thrakazog is served official data from us and is linked from our official websites. But I caution the mindset that just because you build it and there is demand that is must be good for business. We'll do what we can. But there are often other factors forcing a decision than just, "is this cool?".
Q106: Hi Andrew, I was wondering how NIA is preparing for complying with GDPR. This highly impacts you as a company and our rights as users of Ingress and and any other game you make in the future.
A106: We were just talking about this today. I don't know personally how we are preparing for it but I can say that we are absolutely aware of it.
Q107: What do you think about LatinAmerican Player-Organized-Anomalies PAITITI and Ultimate?
A107: I think they are awesome.
Q108: Although the NIA Ops says that "When the change occurs inventories will be updated and from that point on the items will be hackable from the Portal network." during Now all the agents with 1.129.2 Scanner can find that "the change occurs inventories". But it seems no one successfully hacks the Quantum Capsules from the portal network. Is it really hackable now?
A108: I've seen this question asked enough times during this AMA to question if what I know is truth. So I'll just say that I'm not sure and will have to confirm tomorrow if QCaps can be hacked or not.
Q109: Has there been any discussion about a player review panel for portal appeals? Any traction on the idea?
A109: Zero traction at this point. I need to bring this up again.
Q110: Why doesn't GameMaster or OPS or whoever, pick anomaly sites based on the recent FS performance of cities around the globe? That would be much more rewarding for agents who want stuff and are willing to make an effort to make things happen.
A110: Because there are business inputs and goals that need to be considered. If we didn't care about operating costs or making a profit we could hold a popularity contest and simply have events at locations that win whatever contest is used. But there are real world business costs associated with holding live events that cannot be ignored in favor of "Hey this city did great during Ingress FS - let's give them an Anomaly."
Q111: I am trying yo get a MissionsForGood banner online. It got rejected two times in a row now. I tried to contact you trough TG for some help. Now i submitted for the third time with other pictures than planned 😞 just because the mission guys can't see the pictures really don't have copyright and are our own pets. Isn't there a way to make a button in the auth.tool to let nia ops know you made the pictures yourself and the missions are temporary?
A111: I think I responded to your TG. We'll get things straightened out.
Q112: Does OPR / OPS have any plan to deal with bogus G Maps edits?
A112: I have no idea.
Q113: Hi andrew.. got your bio card mail.. 🙂 im buttowskiSL from srilanka. After the OPR Sri Lanka is getting more portals portals but no Field Trips (Binoculars). Is there any way to contribute to submit field trips
A113: Great question. I don't know. I'll have to ask.
Q114: Hi andrew, i bought rare packs in Belfast and Brugge, they got stuck in customs. Wel thats solved and pack came through. Now we suppoos to get an email in order what to do whit the packs. I never got any mail about it. Made a contact form to Nia Ops and two days later i see that its solved......STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY MAIL.. Besides all of this heave a good Christmass
A114: Hey Feddo, I think we are chatting over TG about this today. Let me see what I can find out.
Q115: Happy, Merry, and Festive All Hols to you! Do you have any contacts with shaper glyph experts?
A115: I'll have to ask Stein Lightman.
Q116: IN our most recent First Saturday meeting with the other Faction, every thing was going well, until we got into a discussion. This occurred after one Agent from the Other Faction returned from the Bathrooms. Apparently the other Faction are under the impression that the Toilet Paper must roll from front to back, so that the paper comes down from the back of the roll. My Faction assert that the only proper way for the TP to dispense from Back to front, so it hangs in front of the Roll. Is there an Official Niantic Guideline for the correct direction that the TP must be dispensed? We are having another FS in a few weeks, and we really need an answer to this dilemma . Thank you for your time.
A116: The 1891 patent for the toilet paper roll states that "the end of the roll should be hanging off the exterior". Hope that helps.
Q117: Do you think the next anomaly series will be played on Ingress Prime?
A117: I'm not sure.
Q118: Why is publicly shaming (alleged) cheaters ok if done on the ingress g+, but not in Comms?
A118: I think my definition of shaming and yours must be different. I'm not aware of any posts by Ingress shaming anyone. I am aware of a post or two stating what actions we have taken against people in certain roles to develop, maintain, administer, etc tools and systems that violate the TOS.
Q119: Could the new portal submissions have also street view available in-scanner?
A119: Could? Sure. Will? No idea.
Q120: When will the problems with GPS Spoofers will end?
A120: End? It is likely never to be 100% over. Cheating is something all games suffer from to some degree.
Q121: What kind of update will we be seeing on intel? Will a filtering system be added? Such as to hide fields for better visibility
A121: I don't think there will be any update at the launch.
Q122: Are you aware of any plans to evolve the intel map for the release of Ingress Prime?
A122: See Q120
Q123: Hey Andrew..big probs in our area in lower saxony/Germany..2 Agents here are playing multiple accounts in both the blue lvl 16 account is crushing down our portals and his level 8 green account makes the ap with taking over and creating fields..the other agent left the resistance just to create a green account to do the same stuff as the other agent. Both are playing offensive and have no problem that we know about their game..we messaged niantic of response..what else can we do ?? A big hi from more than 10 german enlighened agents
A123: Keep submitting to NIA OPS.
Q124: Middle East, can we please have something? We have no vanguards to voice our opinions or any official events like everyother place We are totally ignored Andrew!
A124: I'm sorry you feel that way. I'll see what we can do to be more inclusive. Wasn't there just a Mission Day in the Middle East though?
Q125: Why put mods gives ap but destroy them doesn't give the half of the ap?
A125: Hrmmm Good question. I don't know.
Q126: when will we know time/place for the next anomalies
A126: Hopefully soon.
Q127: when will we hear about supporter packages lost in customs? (for ex. Madrid ones)
A127: Hopefully soon.
Q128: Do you have any advice for an agent who was softbanned after traveling to his capital city in the hopes of levelling up?
A128: Wait it out. These thing tend to resolve themselves.
Q129: Dark side or Light side?
A129: Light.
Q130: Can you please be a Santa and confirm Q1 anomaly sites? I want to plan my next year trips
A130: Sadly, I cannot... yet. There are still a few days to go.
Q131: I very much appreciated the confirmation announcement for Navarro. While I understand that niantic may not be ready for agents to submit potential art projects, it would be nice to give agents as much time as possible to build the portals. Portals take money (fund-raising aka making swag and selling) and time to build and the more lead time we have the better they will be. Can we please get some direction from Niantic? Even if it is just a teaser that is enough to get us in line with the topic but would allow us to start building would be great. I think some people plan to start designing after the new year. Thank you.
A131: Noted and I will pass it on.
Q132: It's looking kinda obvious that there won't be Q1 anomalies. When can we expect Q2 anomalies to be announced?
A132: After the Q1 anomalies... obviously...
Q133: Is there a process in place for getting Niantic's permission to use Ingress information for non-commercial fan art? As it stands right now, putting a map of my neighborhood's portals in an image and sharing it is a violation of the TOS.
A133: Not at this time.
Q134: Can we have a more fair way MU is calculated. So those in rural areas who have to do alot more traveling to more remote portals for bigger feilds can get a fairer balance as a reflection in the work they need to do to throw feilds.
A134: I'll pass this along. Thanks for the feedback.
Q135: What if the new dynamic weapons about the XMP Super BURSTERS in one fatal attack, like Gatorade and Powerade as the energy drink?
A135: Those are not a thing so I would not worry about it.
Q136: What kind of new portal submissions for being outnumbered and what about the Ingress' passcodes? (Third question)
A136: These are unlikely to change.
Q137: My question is about the guardian badge ... isn´t it possible for nia to "cover" the name of the agent, who capture a portal, so that the scanner just say: "an ENL agent", or "a RES agent" and not the specific name of it? So like JARVIS or ADA "captured" portals, i can see, it is my capture, but an other agent just see: ENL or RES ... likewise with the resonaters. I can see mine, but can´t see names of the others. I know, it will go to the expense of the community, but ... a chance for the guardians maybe.
A137: This is definitely an option that has been discussed.
Q138: As an ENL agent - it seems to me that the glyphs are biased toward RES. Do RES agents see the same glyph combos we do? Are the glyphs THEY see biased toward ENL?
A138: I think people see what they want to see in a random number generator.
Q139: Hi, i have ask what abouttrip to Prague connect with anomaly?
A139: I would love to come to Prague for an Anomaly. Sadly, I have no idea if this is going to happen.
Q140: What are you going to do on 31 december?
A140: Party like it is 1999.
Q141: When flying to a new city, do you think opening up apps like Google Maps, Gmail, G+ etc. before Ingress reduces the risk of triggering a false ban?
A141: I have no idea if it reduces the risk. I would however let my GPS get a new lock on my new location before playing Ingress. Click on a few portals and see if the address is in the new city or the city where you flew from. If the latter, don't hack or take any actions. That is the best advice I can give.
Q142: Why have we a special Cube, a special shield bit not a special reso?
A142: That is actually a really good point. I'll pass it along.
Q143: During the Facebook live stream for the fifth anniversary, John Hanke mentioned that one of his most memorable Ingress moments was joining a GORUCK team in New Orleans for an anomaly. Any chance we can twist your arm to come out for a ruck? I can get you a weight and bag, no problem. Maybe you can even get a Resistance Niantic employee, like Ethan, involved so both sides can literally carry Niantic through the event ;)
A143: I would love to do a GORUCK Ingress event. Sadly, my roles and responsibilities don't make it possible to do on a weekend of an Anomaly.
Q144: Also, Ingress communities and individuals seem to be struggling together to come up with more specific guidelines for navigating the maze that exists in the gap between the generalities of Niantic's enforced ToS and the myriad of personal definitions of fair play. While Niantic has been quite clear that even rank and file use of TBG/RIOT is beyond the pale, there has been less clarity about the recent expose of Drunken Frog development and use, and neither seems to have resulted in any enforcement for "just" documented users. Are there still bans or other company actions in the works coming "Soon" against those who availed themselves of these services, or should we assume that Niantic is unwilling or unable to enforce its policy in this this regard, and continue to work without much support to advise our communities' members, particularly new agents, as to the propriety of different user-created content and tools?
A144: The situation is far from over. In terms of the gap and struggling to navigate the maze that exists between the generalities of our TOS and the personal definitions... People will look for every excuse to justify their existence and actions. This is not unique to Ingress. Most people have that voice in their head that says, "this is wrong". But they choose to ignore it because it is easier to justify their actions than to change a behavior. However, just because you can convince yourself that something is right, doesn't make it so. There really isn't a need for one to define "fair play". We know what that is. It's funny to hear people talk about Ingress players as these highly intelligent and tech savy demographic of people. But apparently they don't know that scraping data, tracking users locations, or falsifying their locations is wrong. Come on. Get real.
Q145: Hello! how do you like the idea of ​​the next action of the EXO5 type in the following command format: captured MUs by factions, but only from portals with level eight? And both faction achive 🏅: silver and platinum (who win)?
A145: That is an interesting idea. I'll have to think about it more before I provide a better answer though.
Q146: Any chance that +NIA Ops​​ et al., can "moderate" and/or have some proper Niantic presence in the appeals community? Time and time again, we see the same arguments going on and perhaps worse, that we see people trying to sway influence by deleting comments and blocking anyone who opposes the appeal; people who do that deserve to be (and +NIA Ops​​ doesn't even need to make their presence known) kicked from appeals community and have their appeal canned. 🙄
A146: I don't know about kicking people from the community, but, I did check and NIA OPS is active in that community and have made posts in the last couple of days.
Q147: Will you redesign the horrible Quantum Capsules for Ingress Prime ?
A147: This is unlikely to change in the immediate future.
Q148: Ingress Prime, will it keep the Pokémon Go look and feal that we can see in the last video ?
A148: I have no idea what the finished product will look like.
Q149: What does Akira know about the EXOPRE shards that dematerialized?
A149: Let me ask her and see if I can find out anything.
Q150: How do you like your cookies?
A150: I don't think I met a cookie I didn't like.
Q151: When can we expect to find out what impact the Enlightened victory of EXO5 had on the story? (The same question can be asked about Magnus Reawakens...)
A151: I wish I had an answer for you. I think all will be revealed in due time.
Q152: Hi Andrew ! When will the next anomalies cities and dates will be announced ? We really need to plan :)
A152: Hopefully very soon.
Q153: Are "retired" accounts ever deleted? We have a number of players around who 'apparently' forgot their G+ details when they got a new phone, so created a second account. If it's true, then the old account is sitting in limbo and isn't being used as a storage account....
A153: Yes. I think they can be deleted after a year of inactivitiy.
Q154: If one uses their own account to acquire Intel information utilizing official software that is unmodified, would they be issued a warning or ban? For example: automated screenshot of the regional score. No circumvention to fire requests at faster speeds, no packet modification, nothing to try attacking a server. Question implys no multi accounts nor 3rd party modification of Niantic apps.
A154: I don't know. I'd have to ask NIA OPS.
Q155: Where are we with OPR improvements?
A155: More features are on the way.
Q156: Did OPR rater difficulty get dialed up recently? There's been a good number of recent posts of OPR ratings going to poor.
A156: I don't know. I am rarely privy to that sort of information. For good reason.
Q157: Is a military base and a military residential area the same?
A157: This is a very generalized question that I'm not sure I can answer without more information.
Q158: Why are NANTIC's responses to community questions superficial or do they give interpretation with doubt?
A158: For various reasons we cannot always give exact answers. The reasons for this range the spectrum of not wanting to provide information people can leverage to cheat the system to specific strategic reasons that are not wholly apparent yet. At the end of the day, we are a business and have business needs that must be met.
Q159: Hey andrew. Can you end a rumor that ingress prime will be 8 line mission, messing everyones mosaic?
A159: I can't end it because the client is not final so I have no idea what the final product will look like.
Q160: Please clarify "community gathering area" meaning in terms of OPR.
A160: A place where members of the community can gather outside of their homes. A congregation point with something Portal worthy at the location. I don't understand the over analyzing of this topic besides people being unhappy that an apartment complex has a playground in the middle with a portal they can't access are upset about it. People need to stop over analyzing things and making mountains out of molehills. There is really too much in life to legitimately get worked up about beyond whether or not you can access a playground portal or not. I wish people would devote 1/10th the energy to a charitable act that they do arguing about playgrounds and military bases in Ingress.
Q161: Can we have Anomaly sites and dates announced please so we can make travel plans, for some of us it involves at least one flight - my budget needs to know!
A161: As soon as we can release them we will.
Q162: Some time ago You said we will have anomalies in Q1 2018, when do You plan to announce them?
A162: Ideally this week or next so people have time to plan.
Q163: Will there be a special event for Christmas?
A163: Most likely not because Christmas is a specific religious event. A year end count down event like last year... maybe.
Q164: Now that the EXO5 anomaly ended, will the shards be back?
A164: Never rule anything out.
Q165: Will those people who got trapped with the false-positive stuff (like the Ingress photographer guy) ever get their accounts reviewed? Must be quite annoying when they have unanswered tickets and are told not to post on G+ for support; yet the photographer did just that and was reinstated almost immediately. 🤔
A165: I think my motto for 2018 is going to be - PERCEPTION. We aren't supposed to talk about individual cases but this one needs to be addressed so I'm going to break the rules. The photographer reached out to me privately. I was in the process of getting things reviewed and working with NIA OPS to figure out what happened. Shortly after, the G+ post was made. The G+ post was made AFTER the appeal was made. I know how it looks from the outside, but that's not the order of how things transpired.
Q166: What is the estimated time for launching new items or features in the game?
A166: I can only speculate. But I know the goal is feature parity at first with the launch of Prime. So I doubt it will happen before that.
Q167: We traveled Guinea Bissau in west Africa and submitted a lot of new portals. Since there is only one in the whole country we where hoping for a fast approval if they met the OPR Criteria. But only 2 has shown up in OPR and I even moved bonus loc to Bissau to opr some ( Friends and wife submitted). Is there a plan to solve the problem with portal low-density countries and no OPR volunteers living there?
A167: Yes there is a plan to address this.
Q168: is there a reason why OPR only uses the 360 spheres, and not the 2D images ? Most times there are much never data there, compared to the sphere images.
A168: I really don't know.
Q169: Is it possible to stop the friend invites thing? The ingame pop ups are SO annoying and I see no sense since Ingress open beta.
A169: I'm sure there is a way but I don't know how that could be accomplished.
Q170: Can we expect to see the MU correlation to be more representative of the real world in Ingress Prime? You know it's broken right now...
A170: I'm not sure that it is broken. People are making the assumption that they know how MU is calculated. What if the formula being assumed to be correct is in fact what is flawed with some variable missing?
Q171: This week it was announced that the new Aegis shields and Quantum capsules could already be obtained from the portal network. However there are still no reports of drop of Quantum capsules. Why is this happening? When you give news be clear and direct, state and give start dates. The community is very sad with speculation. The game is too big, we do not need that to make it even better.
A171: I believe people, at least on Reddit, have reported hacking Quantum capsules. Again, perception... Just because you haven't hacked one doesn't mean they aren't dropping.
Q172: Have player upgrades been considered?
A172: Yes.
Q173: Alternatively, what are your thoughts on doing the guardian badge like niantic does for gym control in Pogo? You could get guardian based on the number of cumulative hours holding a single portal. Then it doesn't matter if someone kills it, because you can recap and continue ticking away.
A173: Initially, I like the idea.
Q174: Finally, has niantic thought about hiding comm notification/activity entries until the portal becomes fully deployed (8 resos)? The opposition should not care about single caps as it's not linkable. A linkable portal is worth knowing though. Not announcing single caps would also provide more privacy for players who are just going about their daily routine.
A174: We've had discussions about this.
Q175: Andrew what are your thoughts about the RES Social Media Campaign in regards to the Clean Ingress findings over the past couple of months? and did you have a favorite meme. This one was mine.
A175: Perception. I don't think social media campaigns move the needle all that much. Even ones receiving credit for doing so just happened to benefit from serendipitous timing and were not the result of the campaign itself.
Q176: Will anomaly related intel be given as a prize during the new Navarro event?
A176: The Navarro event is not fully finalized yet so there is no way for me to say.
Q177: We had a nice op this past weekend. Sadly, the hub portal was spoofed down by an obvious backpack account. Why are spoofers allowed to ruin other agents' hard work?
A177: Why are they allowed? They are not allowed. Niantic does not grant spoofers permission to ruin the actions of others. In fact, we fight quite hard to quell spoofer activity on a daily basis. If the question is how can they still spoof - the answer is that cheating, and spoofing specifically, is a very tough thing to control when the user controls the platform, device, operatings system, etc.
Q178: Regarding the OPR test, I've failed it twice now, and I was wondering if there was a reason for making the candidate unable to access the training module during the 30 days after your first attempt, and why you aren't allowed to see which question from the first test you've failed so you know what to look at better in the second test.
A178: You aren't allowed to access it because you failed. The failure indicates you need to brush up on the guidelines and obtain more knowledge.
Q179: Are you able to comment on which studio is animating the upcoming Ingress anime? Many of us anime enthusiasts are waiting with bated breath...
A179: I cannot.
Q180: What defines safe pedestrian access? Should you be able to physically touch/stand next to/Ultra Strike the portal? I say yes, but it's a point of disagreement in my local community.
A180: Check my previous answer to this in this AMA.
Q181: We have had plenty of reports here of agents from both faction getting “Poor” OPR ratings and being unable to improve that rating despite rating portals in a similar way to everyone else. This is leading to agents giving up on OPR which reduces the pool of reviewers. Do you have any concerns about the way the OPR rating system is calibrated?
A181: I have concerns about Agents colluding to rate submissions in a similar way. If a person is doing this and their rating drops to poor... I think the system is working as intended.
Q182: Good day Andrew. There is a well documented character that will appear on or about December 25th. He goes by different names in different countries, Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Père Noël, Saint Nicholas, the list of spoofer aliases go on. Allegedly he knows when we are sleeping, when we are awake, if we have been good or not. I know we should just be good for goodness sake! He is clearly part of the rumoured Red faction that people have been chatting about for years. Can you confirm for us that he is indeed being monitored by +NIA Ops​? Thank you very much! PS let him know that I have been a very good agent this year.
A182: I am sure that P. A. Chapeau has a dossier file on him somewhere.
Q183: In light of the Clean Ingress initiative, will Niantic ever clarify definitions of scraping as it relates to TOS violations? Also, how do you interpret the TOS in this regard?
A183: Scraping, as it relates to technology is a commonly defined term. Let's use some commonsense and stop the pretend notion that people don't know what scrapping is. I've been hard pressed to find anyone who cannot define this term that is an Ingress player. The question is not one of definition. The question becomes, is it wrong to scrape. To which the TOS says it is. Even if you disagree with that - it is still a TOS violation. You don't have to agree. But if you scrape, you'll be subject to a permanent ban or worse.
Q184: Dear Andrew, is there a plan to improve the graphical aspect of the new Aegis Shields? (Expecially their look when deployed on a portal) Why the Quantum Capsule is soooo grey?
A184: Not at this time.
Q185: First Saturdays? Any idea / hints on what Niantic might be doing with fs events? It seams like at least hear in Indianapolis Indiana turn out has been declining. I don't want to see fs go away because in 13 months we collectively earned over 40 million AP. I was thinking something along lines of mini anomaly of some kind, double ap on specific portals in the "play area", or a fs badge kind of like mission day but a lot more requirements. Ps I have more numbers for all our fs events if you're interested.
A185: I'd love to get back to where we were and make these truly an event with a kit and swag we send out to each city. We will see what happens in 2018.
Q186: What is the status of the 2nd chance program?? It has been a few months and nothing has come out about it.
A186: There is no update at this time.
Q187: Hey Andrew , I am way to dipressed with players using their multiple account of opposite faction just to level up make their portals of high level. There are using multiple devices and we have reported them multiple times (it is complete visible they are cheating) but every time the report closes without any action. This is happening for some while now and this is making me leave the game as there is no fun left , literally player from my region leveled up l10 to l12 using there multiple accounts in just 4 hours . When we ask them why they did this , they simply answer do what ever you can do we will play like this only..😔😔😔😔
A187: It can be frustrating. But keep reporting them. They will eventually get caught.
Q188: Has there been thought to having a mission badge that is only available to actual event attendees? Or, some other method to prove one was actually at an event?
A188: Nothing beyond the current mission day mechanic.
Q189: Has Niantic's policy on portals on Military Bases changed? The three mentions in AMA seem to contradict each other:
A189: You have to separate out past, present, and future portals. Yes, the present criteria is different than the past criteria. This means future portals may be accepted or rejected whereas in the past the opposite was true. None of the previous statements contradict each other and are all true statements given the context of past, present, and future.
Q190: Q1 Anomaly citys?
A190: Soon.
Q191: The Chris mafia are at it again, they scraped your mom's lasagna recipe, shouldn't they be banned?
A191: There is no way this could have happened. The recipe is safely recorded via analog in pen on a recipe card locked in a book, locked in a safe, locked in a room, with armed guards.
Q192: What ever happened to the NexBand? If it is dead will there be an Apple Watch app for Prime?
A192: At this point, I would assume it is dead. I have no idea about an Apple Watch app for Prime.
Q193: Good morning Andrew. Somebody doesn't feel comfortable about the white flash before glyph, especially at dark environment. What do you think? Thanks.
A193: Are they trying to keep things a secret?
Q194: Why does my ingress crash when I try to submit a new portal crashes right after I take the picture don't get to the chance location and verify page
A194: That is hard for me to diagnose over an AMA. I would recommend submitting a support ticket and see if NIA OPS can help.
Q195: http://Enl.IO has been been shown to be involved in scraping; admission process, !farm status bot, and automated Fracker and VR Mod alerts by the Watchman. ( Do you still advocate for its use and if so why do you believe it deserves to not be shutdown like other tools?
A195: To my knowledge, .io is just a platform. Tools developed for it should be shutdown if they violate the TOS. The tools are independent from the platform though.
Q196: Do you play secret santa? If so, have you already bought your gift?
A196: This is one of the first years in recent memory that I have not.
Q197: it is very common games give you 3 opportunities to complete a task. You may, in the future, a third opportunity in the OPR?
A197: Maybe. But not at this time.
Q198: With the change to Open Street Maps did the calculation for MU change or is NIA still using google
A198: I have no clue on how MU is calculated. I don't think the formula has even been published.
Q199: Can you share some statistics about OPR (new portals submitted\reviewed\approved, how many players participate in OPR, etc). I'd like to know that weekly but even one-time answer is great to understand the value of our job in OPR
A199: I don't have any statistics to share at this time. I'll try to grab some for the next AMA.
Q200: Will the year 2017 Misty Hanna or Ada character cards be available at a large scale event (anomaly) in the future? If not, was there a reason an artificial scarcity was created for them being a very limited release? (Both sold out within about 2ish hours of the press release with no other chances/events to get them.) TIA! =)
A200: As 2017 is coming to an end, I doubt very highly that these cards will be available again. As for why... It was a business call and decided to be the best course of action for what we wanted to accomplish I assume.
Q201: Do you think these public campaigns (that are thoroughly entertaining at some moments) that seek to be judge, jury and executioner of scrapers and those in the 'outed social chat platforms' are useful for the Ingress community as a whole and more importantly do they make a difference in how Niantic responds to the information they are provided in any way?
A201: Good questions. Are they useful for the Ingress community as a whole... I can see both sides to this question. When I list the pros and cons out they are largely equal. I guess that means they are equal parts useful and not. With regards to how we respond... they have little direct impact. That being said, if a TOS violation occurred we aren't going to ignore it either.
Q202: The Ingress Community Guidelines state, "If you suspect someone of cheating, don't call them out in Comm or demand they show their face, just report it via the Help Center and focus on your mission." This seems contradictory to the postings done by the CleanIngress community, which contains identifiable information, such as usernames, after they have already sent you the information regarding their investigations. Are these websites and posts condoned by Niantic?
A202: To be fair, CI has not posted anything in COMM or demanded anyone show their face. In fact, I believe they were against the doxxing that occurred surrounding TBG. They are providing a list of Agent names and tools/systems that appear to be violating the TOS and context. Nothing more insidious. I realize some of their actions and the people behind them may not be popular, but that doesn't mean what they are doing is a TOS violation too.
Q203: What do you think about ingress players whom make accusations with no more evidence than an Excel and maybe screenshots they said are legit?
A203: For me, it all comes down to motives.
Q204: Are there any actions going on against http://drunkenfrog.w...
A204: I can't speak to this at this time.
Q205: Will there be any actions taken against this http://drunkenfrog.w... - Drunken Frog Bot
A205: I can't speak to this at this time.
Q206: Just for curiosity, can you guys tell the numbers of daily reports that you receive, edit submissions and mission submissions?
A206: I don't have access to this information.
Q207: +Andrew Krug I sent you a message on TG about portals being rejected for being too close together. Based on my experience, which you can see in the included image, I am unsure if you are safe, or if the Krugbot has surreptitiously taken your place. For our peace of mind, can you do something that we know the Krugbot cannot do, and provide a detailed answer and follow through to my attached inquiry, and those of my fellow Agents in today's AMA?
A207: Reports of my disappearance and fleeing to an alternative lifestyle colony just below the arctic circle are greatly exaggerated. The truth is I have been travelling a lot recently and had very poor wifi. If I have not responded to your TG, allow me some more time to catch up.
Q208: Can you please give us a quick run down of worldwide OPR stats since it became a thing?
A208: I don't have access to this information currently. I'll try to get some stats for the next AMA.
Q209: While third-party sites and services come and go, I am sure Niantic is aware of the ones used at large, such as,, and IITC. Will Niantic provide an answer on whether or not these sites and services are TOS-compliant?
A209: Thrakazog is TOS compliant and we work with him in an official and formal capacity. I've already rendered an opinion on the others.
Q210: Can we get an Anomaly in Kolkata, West Bengal, India in the upcomig Anomaly series?
A210: I am the wrong person to ask. But I will pass it along.
Q211: Aloha Andrew. Question for OPR: (1) what are recommended 360 camera apps for android or iOS which can be used to supplement imagery into Google maps and google street view? (2) when will Ingress get newer satellite imagery for land areas? We have a new mall complex in our 2nd City of Kapolei, but the satellite images predate the construction. Is this an Ingress issue or a Google Maps layer issue?
A211: I am the wrong person to ask this question to.
Q212: +Andrew Krug Have you ever taken part in a game hosted on the Roll20 platform?
A212: Hell yes!
Q213: is wintrading against the ToS of the game or not?
A213: I believe it is specifically called out as such.
Q214: If yes than should there be a separate category for this in Support for reporting or not
A214: Maybe. I haven't given it much thought.
Q215: Would you call this a wintrading scenario when two accounts 1 from each faction do this. First account captures/ creates fields from a portal, 2nd account breaks the same portal so that first account again captures and creates fields. The first Account is creating fields using the same set of portals. this is done consecutlively 22 times in 2 hrs window. Also this done on multiple days which leads to one player reaching L12 from L10 and other L8 in 2 days
A215: Seems like the classic definition to me.
Q216: Will there be any extra codes given with the Belfast packs as compensation for the time taken to get them
A216: I don't think this is planned.
Q217: Will there be changes to the Intel map site with Prime? Suggesting integrated in app tab, nudge, nudge.
A217: Not at this time.
Q218: Last week, you stated that new portal candidates on military or other secured facilities should be given one star. What is going to be done with existing portals in such facilities? Such portals exist for both factions. Despite requests for removal, generally an appeal by the controlling faction gets the portal reinstated.
A218: Check out the answer to question 188.
Q219: Do you ever get tired of Rhetorical Questions?
A219: I'd be lying if I said no.
Q220: Could you consider to use another font type for Ingress Prime, so that there is a possibility to distinguish between a capital "i" and a small "L"?
A220: I'll pass this feedback along.
Q221: Andrew, why support doesnt reply nothing 4 more thamn 4 month? (apeall account terminate)
A221: I am not sure I have enough information to answer this.
Q222: Why +NIA Ops doesnt delete portal apeals with proofs, that portal is fake?
A222: Again, I don't have enough specific information to answer this questions.
Q223: Hey Andrew, hope you had a good Anomaly. Question, don't you think, it is a bit unfair that US got 3 characters in a pack and Europe and APAC got 1 character for the same price?
A223: If you are looking at it only from the perspective of price, it may seem unfair. If you are looking at it from the perspective of an experience, there were 5 actors in SF and only 3 cards. This also means players have to spend more time seeking out and interacting with more characters so the value of the three cards could arguably be said to be less than a single card and actor in the other cities.
Q224: What's the policy on hanging pictures in portal submissions? Are the pictures required to be historical or proven non-temporary?
A224: Good question. I'll have to ask NIA OPS.
Q225: I have submitted invalid portal request on portals that are literally a sewer drain yet they always say there is not enough evidence. All it is is a picture of cement with the words flows to creek written in it and a drawing of a fish.
A225: Have you posted in the Portal Appeals G+ Community?
Q226: How many months in advance was this poor premature aegis shield born?
A226: Sooo many. It is yuuuge. The biggest and best Aegis Shield evar!
Q227: What cake will you have for Christmas?
A227: You know... I don't know. It'll be a surprise.
Q228: This one is more out of curiosity than anything else, but what causes some portals to seem to never spawn XM?
A228: I don't have the equipment or knowledge to answer this question. Someone like Ethan who manages the NL1331 XM Research vehicle might be better able to answer.
Q229: Also I submitted portals prior to the seer cutoff date that were originally denied , but atleast 8 of them have come online in recent weeks because other people submitted them and they were approved. How do my new portals get denied previously and now they are approved when others submit them?
A229: Maybe the criteria changed? I don't have enough information about your submissions to provide an informed answer.
Q230: So .. how's the release of the decoded hash data going?
A230: Thanks for bringing this up. Let me ping the powers that be on this again.
Q231: With all the discussions going on about scrapers and other TOS violations, can you please define some examples of what you consider against the ToS or safe utilities that are NOT against it? Specifically IITC, Any plugins that are on the IITC page that people shouldn't use if IITC is considered OK by Niantic.
A231: I can't answer that question currently because I don't set policy for Niantic and don't know our stance on individual tools.
Q232: Also, There are some people making the case that using the data from scrapers is not against the ToS. I personally think they are just trying to defend their own cheating, and the conversation could really benefit from Niantic weighing in. Is using scraped data that someone else scraped considered against the ToS?
A232: Scraped data is scraped data.
Q233: Hi andrew. A question about quantum capsules. It's now possible drop it or the drop is already suspended?
A233: I believe this has already been answered.
Q234: Rum or whiskey in your eggnog?
A234: Vanilla Jim Beam
Q235: What are your two favorite hyper-local spot portals?
A235: There is a really cool local comic book store near me. The second is a local pizza place... nah maybe a hyper local donut shop. I can't choose. I have a lot of keys I keep for cool little places.
Q236: What do you think of the idea for submissions that are over a month old and not completed OPR review, given priority to be pushed out to more players?
A236: I kind of like it.
Q237: Where did the name Ingress come from anyways?
A237: World of Warcraft was already taken.
Q238: What's the favorite thing you are getting yourself for Christmas this year?
A238: My son is getting a Nintendo Switch... which means Daddy is getting one :)
Q239: I totally get limiting the number of submissions on portals but I'm wondering if we could be allowed to use our camera roll instead of just the live camera so we can remotely submit portals.
A239: Right now this isn't possible and I don't see that changing any time soon.
Q240: Given that nobody seems capable of playing nice with either faction anymore, can we just cancel Ingress? Pretty please?
A240: I don't see any indication of this. I read stories all the time of faction and cross-faction events and achievements where everyone plays nice. Not to mention Ingress First Saturdays, Mission Days, etc. It happens all the time. Don't let the actions of a few give you a false perception of what is actually occurring.
Q241: Why don’t you ever reply when I tag you in comms?
A241: COMM is about as good as HO for getting my attention.
Q242: With TBG and the Drunken Frog, some ENL are claiming data was used to stop RES agents from doing any more damage and blah blah blah. But cheating, is cheating, right?
A242: I would agree in most cases.
Q243: Hey Andrew I was wondering if it is against TOS to use the software IIDCS.
A243: I don't know our policy on individual specific tools.
Q244: I know you've said in the past you don't give publicly the number of people attending anomalies. My question is : why not?
A244: I struggle to think of a valid reason beyond simply being curious. The factions know based on their own registration tools already.
Q245: Hello, my question is this: for ingress prime the voices of the game will change since at the moment we have the voice in English and in Japanese (I think) there will be in some other language? Merry Christmas
A245: I really don't know.
Q246: Will there ever be or is there a way to appeal NEWLY submitted portals. My understanding in the Portal Appeals community is that they will not deal with any portals submitted since OPR began. For instance, a little free library located just inside a local grocery store... Repeatedly denied because it doesn't show up on Google Street View. Perfectly acceptable portal under the new submission guidelines and probably better than 90% of the LFL out there since it's actually on publicly accessible property and not somebody's yard.
A246: For better or worse OPR is governed by the wisdom of crowds. There must be something else with this portal. No portal inside a building would show up on street view.
Q247: I know this is "obvious" to most people, but for the record, can you confirm that Thrakazog is using an official source for the data on his score site http://www.thrakazog...
A247: Confirmed.
Q248: Is it safe to purchase Xiaomi Mi 6 for Ingress? I heard from some ppl that MIUI cause some problems w/ Ingress soft bans an etc...
A248: I don't have the knowledge to answer this question other than to say if you are banned you can appeal it.
Q249: Is the quantum cap its final artwork? Feedback from locals, It seems very dull and boring compared to mufg.
A249: More than likely for the near term.
Q250: Does Niantic understand agents are frustrated and spending more hours a day trying to figure out what is fair and not and yapping about it than playing Ingress. I haven't turned on my scanner in 48 hours, but probably spent 18 hours reading about scrapers, whistle blowers, and the like. I really need a 10 step program to escape the BS!
A250: I think this is a little bit hyperbolic... In terms of escaping the BS - stop paying attention to it.
Q251: There is an overwhelming consensus that the "eye candy" in Prime is a huge turn-off due to time/resources/battery etc and people vowing to leave the game. Most agents I know, do not play this game for the eye candy, they like the concept of the game and the eye candy is a distraction. I hope the developers are listening to this and are considering a "classic" option. Anything you can say on this?
A251: I don't think our data shows an "overwhelming consensus". Again, perception. If you hang out with a lot of people similar to yourself, you are likely going to share the same opinion on things. That said, I will pass your feedback on as it is another data point for us.
Q252: With the new release of Drunken Frog (and more to come), is Niantic finally taking action on these revelations? All this was bourne out of Niantics inactions in the past and now everything needs to be made public in order to keep the pressure on and not sweep things under the rug.
A252: I can't tell if you are being serious or not. If you are, oh how quickly people forget. We take cheating very seriously. I won't outline every action we've ever done because they are too numerous to list. There have been some very public actions taken over the years to shut down cheating. So to say we are "finally" doing something is disingenuous.
Q253: Is there an option to name capsules (add custom names) in Ingress Prime? Or do you think it would good to add this feature ☺️
A253: I would love this features.
Q254: Can we expect any additions to the Candidate Action Guide associated with OPR? There's been some discussion of various portal examples, but without the information added to the Guide, perceptions seem to be floating in limbo.
A254: What suggestions do you have in mind?
Q255: During double AP, we enjoyed the double 8 and 7 resos, along with the 4 mods to deploy. Is there a chance this will be available again to the new higher levels once they are released?
A255: Nothing has been finalized.
Q256: Hi Andrew. OPR guidelines state that hotels/inns are to be rejected. Does this include pubs and bars? In AU, "hotels" usually doubles as a pub. In UK, pubs are the primary term for places that serve alcohol. Its funny to see hardly any pubs in AU for OPR review, but plenty in the UK, purely because of a semantic difference
A256: Submit them and let the wisdom of the crowds figure it out.
Q257: Andrew merry Xmas, what is your most favorite field art?
A257: I think it was Ukraine or maybe Russia. They did a portrait to a historical figure from their countries history. The twinkling christmas tree was cool too. I don't know if I can pick just one.
Q258: Could there potentially be a contest to make a new design for the Quantum capsule? I know many individuals are less than thrilled with the design, and it could be a fun way to engage the player base.
A258: Could there be? Yes. Will there be? Probably not.
Q259: Regarding last week's AMA, can you further elaborate how Boy Scout camps are to be considered the same as primary schools in OPR? Many of these camps are open to the public, to the point where many groups rent out space throughout the year. To me, it would seem that Scout camps are closer associated with playgrounds or parks.
A259: I would have to ask for clarification fron NIA OPS. I don't have an answer for you at the moment. However, I wouldn't try to lawyer it. If they said no, I'd take it as, no, for now.
Q260: Is it possible to have +Lucy Shires as voice in ingress prime?
A260: Psst Lucy... you might want to keep an eye on this one.
Q261: Greetings Andrew. This is my very 1st question I have ever asked so here goes. Apparently many people still want Verified Badge, including me, is there any way it can come back to people's scanners? Seems unfair some people having it and new agents don't get the badge even after linking their G+.
A261: Let's see what happens after Prime launches.
Q262: Will there be any adjustments to restricted areas sooner or later?
A262: I have not heard of any planned changes.
Q263: Any chance the Ingress use more RPG stuff? Maybe like a character armour / items where it could give some buff to attack or to recharge like 1%.
A263: We were just talking about this recently.
Q264: When will the error list of Agents that did the Mission Day but did not get the badge pushed correctly from Bruges Mission Day be sorted?
A264: I'll forward this on to the MD team.
Q265: If an agent is continually submitting false reports in an attempt to get another banned is there anything that can be done except get into a complaint submission war?
A265: I'm sure it would be fairly easy to establish who submitted false reports first. But if you aren't being affected by it, meaning no action has been taken against you, I wouldn't sweat it.