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October 9th 2017

Q11: Hi, in last AMA you said that a fountain surrounded by water isn't reachable via safe pedestrian access, therefore isn't a good portal candidate. But you also said in a previous AMA that underwater portals already existed. Now, I guess one can not walk and touch those either, he'd have to swim. What's the difference between swimming to a fountain and swimming or diving to some underwater object ?
A11: Portals that were accepted in the past may not meet today's criteria.

July 25th 2017

Q12: Would underwater portals ever be A Thing? For example the MUSA Museo Subacuático de Arte in Cancun
A12: Interesting question. I think some exist already. We don’t take height into account. I personally don’t see a difference between summiting a mountain top with specialized gear any different than needing specialized gear to submit an underwater portal. Just my opinion though.