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June/July 2019

Q62: I would really like some information on pools located inside neighborhood communities or apartment complexes. They're open to the whole neighborhood and promote exercise, community and meeting your neighbors. They're gated to keep kids from falling in, usually, but while playgrounds right next to them inside the same neighborhoods pass, the pools fail. They're open to the same people. To me, the pools should be a pretty clear fit to the rules but none seem to pass.
A62: NIA OPS replied that, they agree with the community’s decision. Swimming pools do not fall under the same category of exercise equipment in a park and would not be considered eligible unless it had historical or cultural significance.

July 2018

Q61: Hi Andrew, two questions, I've noticed there's lots of options missing under the OPR categories tab for things that are often accepted as portals in Australia, e.g. basketball courts, swimming pools, CWA halls, Scout halls etc. I was told that typing them in would register the category and Niantic regularly updates the list based on user submissions, is this true or am I wasting my time?
A61: The OPR Team said if you suggest some new ones in the OPR Google+ Community they will review them and add them