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March 2018

Q39: Hi Andrew! What are the acceptance guidelines for disc golf courses? IMO, these should be accepted as long as the submission is for the overall course, and not individual holes. However, I think some agents are applying the criteria (reject) for golf courses to disc golf courses, which to me is unfair. IMO, disc golf falls under the criteria of public spaces that encourage players to walk and exercise. One issue for disc golf, is most courses don't have a sign for the overall course. For example, I submitted a picture of the first tee sign, while the description states the submission is for the course as a whole. The course is in a public park, and is free to play, but the portal was rejected. Is there an official stance on how disc golf should be treated in OPR?
A39: According to NIA OPS you should reject hole markers and other locations on the course. They can be accepted if they are in areas where agents can sit and socialize (like cafes or club areas). If it's for the park (and not for the golf course inside the park), submit the signboard for the park instead.