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27 Jan 2018 (Melbourne NL 1331 Meetup)

Q1: Are you going to come back and do the rest of Australia?
A1: Like Perth and Darwin and Adelaide, etc...? Short. Answer is we're definitely coming back, can't tell you when but the only way for you to get the medal is for us to come back.
Q2: Android wear?
A2: Don't know the release date. I'll write that down and ask about it. I'm aware that it isn't working, because I had it but it stopped working.
Q3: Ingress 2.0?
A3: I don't think they'll allow me to come back if I told you because I'd be fired.
Q4: If this was April 1st, and you were still playing Ingress 1, would you be surprised?
A4: There will be a time when both will work. 50 agents from Camp Navarro will get access in next two months.
Q5: Will my scraper still work?
A5: In Ingress Prime, probably not. What was your agent name again?
Q6: If this was April 1st and there hadn't been another anomaly, would you be surprised?
A6: Define anomaly... I would be surprised if there wasn't any sort of event. I can't tell you whether it's a traditional anomaly, or some other event.
Q7: Something other than mission days?
A7: You'll know in the next couple weeks
Q8: The Pokemon Go community started doing monthly community events, are they meant to be a parallel to First Saturday or are we going to see new events?
A8: Pokemon Go definitely got inspiration for Community Day from FS, I have a goal of doubling down on FS and maybe a tiered. Medal, definitely amping them up, it's definitely a goal for me in making them bigger.
Q9: Have you thought about open sourcing the yearly biocard formats?
A9: I know there is a desire to update the bio card website with intl shipping and update it for the style and to give you a PDF version to take to printers. They're definitely in the works, I don't know when that's going to happen.
Q10: What's your favourite beer so far? What do you think of the prices?
A10: I had a lager the other day. I'm shocked by the prices but we're being hosted by a bar so I won't say any more. No idea what the lager was called, though.
Q11: Has Ethan ever had a glittered beard?
A11: No, but I was lucky enough to get one. I enjoyed a lot.
Q12: People have been asking for hashes to decode anomaly intel?
A12: Exo5 is definitely out.
Q13: Any reason not released ahead of time?
A13: It should be released a day or two ahead of time. I don't know why it's not released before, I'll ask about it.
Q14: There's a couple of portals in Central Australia on mining sites only accessible by employees, military bases too?
A14: The rule is that they're disallowed on private residential property, private corporate property is not part of that rule. Only personal property where one family has control.
Q15: Recharging for anomalies, will that be part of it?
A15: We now have a system for monitoring recharging for portals, next opportunity and we'll put it in. I'm a huge proponent for it, so if we can put checks and balances we will put it back in. We had some issues where the system was being abused.
Q16: Is there going to be a tiered recharge room badge?
A16: There's always a question of whether you give a different badge for off-site participation... Not sure about a tiered badge, there's already a recharge badge. There's definitely been conversations around a different medal for off-site, so you'd have the opportunity to earn two badges. Not an issue of whether we can do it, but whether it's the right thing to do.
Q17: I have an idea for a new weapon, VR Reclaimer, and when you use it, it would steal mods from a portal and put it into your inventory.
A17: Interesting. [Unsure whether this was written down.]
Q18: Can there be a medal for destroying fields, like destroying resos?
A18: I've been advocating for it, I don't think we'll get it before 2.0. I'm a fan so I'll bring it up again. It's part of the spirit of the game. I wrote it down.
Q19: Is there a thing like an xfac farm where two factions build a farm to hack, or is that wintrading?
A19: Legally, I have no idea whether it is wintrading. Personally I think it's against the spirit of the game. If you're coordinating in advance with the other team, my personal opinion is that it's wintrading. If it's spontaneous it's different, but if it's planned it's wintrading.
Q20: What's happening with mission days?
A20: I've heard about this, there was an email sent by one of my colleagues out that stated that at least in Europe they've been put on paused until ingress 2. I need to look into that.
Q21: Feature Request: one finger rotate
A21: It'll be in Ingress Prime
Q22: Your general opinion on wintrading?
A22: If you're actively coordinating, that is wintrading. Unsure whether that is what NIA Ops considers wintrading.
Q23: Do you need a body double for the southern hemisphere?
A23: Direct all complaints to the gentleman in the back!
Q24: Upgrading mods?
A24: I think it would be a really good thing, I'll write it down.
Q25: Will there be a new challenge this quarter like magnus builder?
A25: I can't answer that. Again, I think everything will be answered in the next couple of weeks.
Q26: Quantum caps are ugly, can we get nicer ones?
A26: I will bring that up.
Q27: Make unique caps and hacks visible in game?
A27: I don't know but I preface that with the fact that Ingress will be upgraded to the same back end as Pokemon Go, So I think in time yes, but I can't really say. I don't think it'll be there at launch. I can't say conclusively.
Q28: Can we have a reward for people in the top 3 of leader board?
A28: good idea.
Q29: Can we have the ability to see on key the portals you own?
A29: Lots of key management changes coming in Ingres Prime, not sure how much will be there at launch but there's going to be changes coming.
Q30: Can we see on portals if you have keys in a capsule?
A30: I'll write that down.
Q31: Any chance of seeing an upgrade to the Intel map this year?
A31: Just had a conversation about this, I don't know that any things going to be there at launch, I recognise the importance. The other thing is we're looking at a licence or endorsement to tools that do not negatively impact the community. It is in the very early stages and we need to get lawyers to sign off on it, and look at how that might change liability.
Q32: IITC is not a crime?
A32: I'm not sure how NIA Ops defines it, my guess is that right now it is against the ToS. We also know it is not really something that hurts anyone. You'll notice that in our social media posts we use the words "negatively impact the community" because we recognise that some tools are benign. [Andrew qualified this by saying that the base tools are benign, but there's nothing to stop someone from making a malicious plugin that might be harmful.]
Q33: Do you know if any new VRLA were released in the last year [via passcodes]?
A33: Not to my knowledge.
Q34: Do they replicate in quantums?
A34: I have no idea. [They do.]
Q35: Can we get updates to the MU counts?
A35: I'll write it down, I've been asked about it at every stop so far. I've pinged devs about it, but I wouldn't hold my breath, just because the focus is on getting prime to launch.
Q36: Is there a possibility of badges that promote teamwork or cooperation for things like first Saturday?
A36: I've not heard anything personally but I'll write it down and bring it up.
Q37: Is it possible to keep portals neutralised until just before the anomaly starts?
A37: We've discussed creating an instance where only registered agents have access. I don't think we would want to remove the ability for people to interact with the play box just to make everything neutral, because it's a core game mechanic. It's something we've talked about.
Q38: 1331 and mission day tiers?
A38: Mission days are a lot more sporadic and it's [NL-1331] not a badge we want people to get in twelve months. It's to promote us going out and people coming.
Q39: 1331 meet ups count towards the badge?
A39: No, we can't track attendance with accuracy as badges were distributed on cards.
Q40: 1331 travels going to be?
A40: Ethan: Good question. The badge is high because it's meant to last forever. There won't be a new one, so it will need to last the life of Ingress. We recognise the need for us to increase the frequency of our visits so we're looking at coming yearly. We've discusaed where we go from where we are, coming back to Australia is a reality and so is having a larger presence in Asia. It's not meant to be attained in a week or a year or even two years. It's meant to motivate us and you to come back and do these events.
Q41: Is there an eta for OPR portals in limbo?
A41: I don't have an eta, but the OPR crew is working on it.
Q42: Will there be extra ways to define a portal, as in to say what it is?
A42: Don't know the answer but I'll write it down. Reviewing edits in OPR is coming soon.
Q43: Will we be able to submit more than 7?
A43: Short term, no, long term I imagine they'll adjust it but I don't know.
Q44: Are you able to show people Ingress 2
A44: No I can't show you Ingress Prime, Japan had something special happen where the embargo was lifted and it was a very early beta. I have it on my phone but it doesn't work because they took me off the whitelist.
Q45: Is the guardian badge up for review?
A45: We are definitely internally talking about what to do. Lots of conversations about what to do, remove, change it. For example, you could make it so that if you can hold 10 portals for a day that would count as a point. Nothing has been decided, I know they're going to try to come to a decision in the next month. We'll keep you informed.
Q46: How was King St?
A46: I'm really tired and dehydrated.
Q47: Is there any talk of a sixth tier for badges?
A47: Honestly I haven't heard of any personally.
Q48: Will there be any additional levels?
A48: We're talking about it, we need to talk about how you can level and the benefits of it, and how it'll impact the economy of the game.
Q49: Do you think fruit flies are healthier than normal flies?
A49: I do.
Q50: Have you had any meat pie while in Australia?
A50: No, and I love meat pie. I had one before I left, does that count?