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June 2018

Q1: The Resistance won the #DarkXmCure challenge, and part of the reward was "intel for future XM Anomalies as a token of gratitude." When should RES expect to get this advanced intel?
A1: Advanced intel will emerge shortly prior to the Anomalies taking place.
Q2: Is there a summary of what happened, storyline-wise, at Navarro and Kaltenberg?
A2: According to a number of investigators present on the ground at the Epiphany Night events, several teams of RPE (Remote Participation Experiment) Agents ventured into three different Anomalous zones. The first zone took them to a future Camp Navarro -- where Antoine Smith was pursuing a Prime Object known capable of channeling XM across a Universe-threshold. The second zone led them to Schloss Kaltenberg in the year 1331 where -- amidst a bloody battle between Osiris Cultists and the fragmented remains of a Templar Knight order, a second Prime Object -- capable of locating specific Universe thresholds -- was being protected. Agents, having retrieved these two Prime Objects, were told by Hank Johnson that, in order to avert an XM crisis in our own universe, massive amounts of XM must be channeled into an XM sparse universe. To complete their mission, Agents remotely entered the Niantic Project facility in a universe codenamed ‘OSIRIS’ on the day of Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s Power Cube test. Almost all groups of Agents were able to successfully channel XM into that universe, causing the Power Cube test to proceed as required. Given the low casualty rate on returning RPE Agents, Director Johnson classified the mission as successful.
Q3: Do you like parmesan on your spaghetti?
A3: What kind of monster do you think I am? Of course I love parmesan on my spaghetti. How can you say no to more cheese?
Q4: When is the Global Marketing Lead going to publicly start the big launch plan you previously mentioned for Ingress Prime?
A4: The wheels are already in motion and the very early phases are already underway. The closed beta hasn’t started yet. If you are expecting a Michael Bay type reveal with giant robots, explosions, and John Hanke riding a dolphin with a tattoo of the Prime logo -- give it some time. John’s and the Dolphin’s schedule had some conflicts so it delayed filming. /s
Q5: I've noticed that portals previously located in the middle of roundabouts are now removed. What is the reason, and will future portal submissions at roundabouts be accepted?
A5: It is hard to comment on specific portals without knowing more information. All Portals need safe pedestrian access to be able to reach the portal.
Q6: Will there be more hotel deals for other anomaly locations? And will they also be for sattelites?
A6: I spoke to our events lead and they said yes to both questions. Maybe not every city but we are working with Anomaly POCs and hotel negotiators. If successful we hope to extend the program in the future.
Q7: Where is Niantic generally heading to?
A7: That’s a great question but one that has a complex and broad set of answers. Some I can talk about. Some I cannot. In general, Niantic wants to keep pushing the boundary of geolocation gaming and creating the leading platform to support games of this genre. From an Ingress perspective, we want to continue to develop and iterate on a compelling and fun product that enables people to have amazing real world experiences. That’s the basic answer. It would take me writing a lot more to get into the nuances of things and sadly I just don’t have the time. But pin me down at an event and I’m happy to talk more about things.
Q8: Let's talk about physical activity. I love the Km walked badge, but it can be hard to track accurate activity. Any future improvements in mind for this?
A8: I hesitate asking the development team this question because I’m sure their answer would be that we want to be as accurate as possible. So will there be future improvements? I’m sure as the product and technology evolves you’ll see them. One thing I know we are considering is background mode. It might be some time before we see it implemented though. But that could help with tracking accurately.
Q9: How many different Anomaly Series are planed for this year?
A9: We made a post and video about this but I realize some people may not have caught it so I’m happy to answer this question. There will be four series that will make up the Osiris Sequence which runs through May 2019.
Q10: With the "final" list of mission days for 2018 having been posted, does this mean that there won't be the usual mission day the day after an anomaly?
A10: A very needed point of clarification. Thank you for asking. The “final list” was just for normal events taking place in EMEA. We could have done better communicating that difference. So as I understand it, Mission Days after Anomalies are still being coordinated with Anomaly POCs. I expect that there will be an update to this information once those events are finalized.
Q11: What can be done about agents who pursue a cycle of being banned for location spoofing, and then turn around and create a new account to spoof with. Has anything more than ban-by-username been considered?
A11: I can’t talk about what pieces of information we use to take action against people with. But I can say it isn’t just username. Understand, when you own a device like a mobile phone, you can alter them in ways to control and modify what pieces of information are being sent externally. There isn’t one silver bullet like banning by MAC address, Device ID, that will eradicate this problem as all of that data can be faked. It’s a technological challenge we continue to work on and some changes to Ingress Prime will help address this.
Q12: Will there be a Camp Navarro 2019?
A12: I can’t confirm or deny anything specific at this point in time unfortunately. I can only offer my opinion. I would be shocked if there were not an event sometime in 2019.
Q13: From the temp ban emails, "scraping or using scraped data is a violation of the Ingress TOS". A clause about using scraped data does not exist in TOS. Will TOS be updated to prohibit using scraped data?
A13: There is actually a section in the TOS that says you agree not to, “extract, scrape, or index the Services or Content (including information about users or game play);” This feels like a which came first the chicken or the egg conversation.
Q14: Lately, some times, when we send portal submissions, we don't get the confirmation email, but those sent count for the limit we can send. Can you, please, take a look, or ask someone, on it? Thanks a lot :)
A14: I was told there was a bug that was identified affecting emails. It should have been fixed as of today (Monday, June 5, 2018).
Q15: What happens after you reach L16?
A15: I don’t know. I am only L15. Soo much AP. So little time.
Q16: When do we get the SplashThat events for the anomalies?
A16: In the near future.™
Q17: When do we get the rules for the Anomalies?
A17: Not before long.™
Q18: How do we know the "tier" of the ambassadors, now and in the future?
A18: This information is not public.
Q19: P.A. Chapeau has stated that ADA is different in the Prime universe. Can you go into how she's different or how this might affect the storyline?
A19: ADA’s transdimensional capabilities are not fully understood. It is known that she may have -- in the past -- gained access to the N’zeer computational substrate and used it to gain substantial knowledge and access regarding the underlying quantum nature of the universe.
Q20: What do you think about an indicator for Speedlock, similar to the no internet or no location message?
A20: Without thinking too much about it, I like it initially.
Q21: Will there be a recharge Room Badge for Real recharger while Anomaly?
A21: There will not be a dedicated or separate medal for recharging. It will be the same Anomaly medal that everyone gets.
Q22: Hey there Andrew, I had a blast at Navarro! I still think the golden card was rigged and that it wasn't the last row. Buuut I've heard some rumors that the beta could launch within the next 30 days. Do you have clearance to confirm that?
A22: Negative ghost rider, the pattern is full.
Q23: What's the difference between Geodetic Marker and Survey Marker? When should I use which category in OPR?
A23: I spoke to our OPR team, their response was, “Consider they the same for OPR.”
Q24: Is there a way (exept eBay) to buy Kaltenberg Swag? Mine was Stolen on The Last day
A24: Bah, that sucks. Shoot me a Telegram message. To verify it is you, send me your order number. I’ll see what we have in the office that I can send you.
Q25: The badge from the Epiphany Night events is labelled "Passage to Osiris" instead of Epiphany Night. Does this mean that all participants in Osiris-series anomalies (Cassandra Prime, Recursion Prime, Darsana Prime, and Abbadon Prime) will be getting this badge?
A25: No. We have said in public social media posts that only by participating in the XM Festival in Fukuoka, Camp Navarro, Schloss Kaltenberg, or Agent Olympiad can you earn that medal.
Q26: why is it so hard to keep up to date? we know about Mission Days from agents, not from Nia. Actually event page is the last place it appear, why i think that should be the first
A26: Mission Days are events that are proposed by Agents and largely organized by Agents. Therefore, Agents are going to know what’s going on from the start.
Q27: People at Camp Navarro said that the 50 beta invites have been selected. When will Prime beta be released,...
A27: When it is ready.™
Q28: Topaz petrol stations are now Circle K in Ireland. Does this make them valid portals in Ireland?
A28: No. Not just because they changed names.
Q29: Will Ingress Prime have new mechanics?
A29: A few things that are quality of life improvements will exist upon release, like one finger rotate. In terms of game mechanics like bursting, recharging or putting only 2 mods on a portal -- not at launch.
Q30: I have a rules clarification question. Let's say an agent has two phones on two separate providers (and of course one account, the same account on each phone) and they're in a low-cell/booster situation where they're not sure which provider will work. Or perhaps inside of a building where each phone is showing a slightly different GPS position. Is it against the rules to have the Ingress scanner open simultaneously on both phones without actually performing any game functions to decide which phone to use in a particular situation?
A30: NIA OPS recommend, “Start with one phone and then switch to the other device if they have connectivity issues.”
Q31: People attending both camps indicated that the Mission feature was not included in the version shown on-site...Could you please confirm if it will be implemented by the time Prime is released?
A31: We love missions! I spoke to the product team and they said that we are absolutely working on it for Prime. It may not be in some or all phases of the beta. But this isn’t a feature that we are taking away.
Q32: How do you purchase more inventory space?
A32: Buy a friend dinner who doesn’t have an account and recruit them. Maybe if you splurge for a few drinks they will hold items for you. No, seriously, as you know it isn’t possible at the moment. But I’ll pass this feedback to the team. I know from past conversations there is a desire among a few of us to have something like this.
Q33: I submit portals, I wonder if the 'Seer' medal will come back?
A33: There are no plans at this time to bring it back.
Q34: Hi Andrew, glad to see you back. I have a question regarding OPR. What's wrong there?
A34: Are you talking about the size of the logo? Yeah, it should probably be larger.
Q35: We've seen Circle K store portals and ZipCar portals disappearing. Will we be seeing Lawson/Circle K cubes becoming Sigma Cubes in Prime?
A35: Not in the immediate future.
Q36: When will you have an event where everyone in the world can participate?
A36: We’ve had several of those already and you can earn medals every day by just playing.
Q37: Do you have any information on Zip Car and Circle K portals being removed?
A37: All good things must come to an end.
Q38: Why can't I make my own character badge?
A38: Because no one wants a picture of your face or mine in their scanner.
Q39: The ingress prime client as it has been shown in Kaltenberg did not provide an option to enter passcodes like the current android client does (or I missed it completely) - will this feature be added to the final version?
A39: I spoke to the product team and they said, “We can confirm that it’s not going away.” Like everything though, there are priorities in place. It may not be in all phases of the beta. But feature parity is a goal for Prime launch.
Q40: Last year, a camp event was held only in the US, and this year in the US and in Europe. In Asia, we had/will have the Agent Olympiad in Japan. In 2019, is there any possibility to have a camp event in APAC, or to have the Olympiad in EMEA/AMER?
A40: We are exploring ways to scale our events to other locations.
Q41: Can I pay with cryptocurrency?
A41: We only accept Beardcoins
Q42: Happy Monday Andrew! Wasn't there some sort of a mini-anomaly or such at Camp Navarro?
A42: There was not a mini-anomaly this year.
Q43: Andrew, I wanted to ask how and why banner missions are 'getting ignored and better yet, lost.'
A43: I spoke to the NIA OPS team and they said, “If there are any the Agent is waiting for, they should withdraw and resubmit while making sure that the Mission meets criteria.”
Q44: Hello, Andrew! We have already reminded you several times, but we think that we need to be reminded again. When, finally, will the results of the competition for deciphering centralOMNILYTICS documents be published? The deadline was 12 February and since then there is no information about it.
A44: A source has indicated that a highly resourced Investigator has been exploring the centralOmnilytics probe into the events of #EXO5. This Investigator has (allegedly) been in frequent contact with Felicia Hajra-Lee.
Q45: Hi Andrew ! Will we have the chance to meet you in Toulouse on the 1st July ?
A45: Yes.
Q46: When's the next AMA?
A46: It should be July 2nd. My travel plans may interrupt that though.
Q47: Is this the last AMA before the release of Ingress Prime?
A47: #slowclap bravo! Well done!
Q48: What are the minimum Android and iOS versions for Ingress Prime? Y'all should be far enough into the development cycle to be 90% sure about this.
A48: The product team says, “This isn’t finalized yet.” They are trying to balance giving the most players possible a great experience with security and upcoming changes to iOS and Android.
Q49: Has there been any discussion of moving OPR away from a 5 star system to a more binary Yes/No system, or any other kind of voting system?
A49: Nothing of substance.
Q50: Hi Andrew! I wanna ask a special question about spoofers. 3 weeks ago I participated in a sleepless starburst operation. During 2am-4am in my local time, a(maybe lots of) spoofer account started to drop keys(from another 1000km away city) and items around me without stop, which made me felt dangerous and fearful. It's deep night and almost no one was there in that time, just like someone was tracking me in darkness. Even I didn't know the IGN of this spoofer. What can I do in this situation?
A50: NIA OPS recommend picking up one of the items and let them know the date and time you did. We can research the situation.
Q51: Will it be another run of the OPR - Limbo Tool from Niantic. Since the tool last ran, no new proposals have been accepted or rejected by me.
A51: Can you contact me on Telegram, @Redsolocup, with information about your Portals? I would like to pass on the information so the OPR team can investigate it. We will need to confirm if you mean your submissions haven't been reviewed or that your agreements in OPR aren't increasing as well.
Q52: Question regarding OPR : I've now a lot of portal to check on location outside my play area and outsite the location I selected as 1st/2nd. Why ?
A52: According to the OPR team, the review range has recently changed to help ensure that all submissions, even those in rural areas, get analyzed.
Q53: Is it possible to get your new biocard through a mail trade with you ?
A53: Absolutely! Send me a Telegram message and let’s trade. My TG name is my Agent name.
Q54: How are you planning on making playing in rural areas fairer in both terms of MU & Portal submissions/approvals
A54: I spoke to the product team and the general sentiment is that this is a complex problem to solve. It isn’t as simple as randomly throwing dice to spawn things, we’ve seen the negative impacts that solution has had on gameplay for other products. That said, we are working to improve the experience for our rural players. If you have direct feedback you want to provide me about is not working for your area with regard to Portal submissions/approvals I would be happy to pass it along. I’m sure that when the Ingress servers are upgraded this will be one of the things that gets a lot more attention.
Q55: Andrew, whats wrong with your systems? Over the last days there are massive problems when starting the scanner, saying "Secure connection could not be established". This has happened before - and it really sucks.
A55: We are aware of the problem and are trying to determine what the cause is and how to best resolve it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Q56: Will the initial release of Ingress Prime be a "forced update" on scanner startup like some of the critical 1.0 updates, or will it be a "hey, there's an updated version waiting for you in the app store" like most of the 1.0 updates? Those of us with dinosaur phones would like to wait for feedback from fellow Agents before jumping onto Prime or going for a newer phone.
A56: There will be a forced upgrade at some point. The reasons for this are many. Our development team has been focusing a lot of time on Prime performance issues and the experience is getting better every day. We are working hard on balancing the tradeoffs between gameplay and device support.
Q57: Would it help if the PLP Team Members from Narvno and Kaltenberg join the beta test in advance?
A57: Maybe not all of the team member initially. But the team POC and Tech lead perhaps. Let me see what I can do about it.
Q58: It seems pretty evident that there are numerous OPR issues. Is there some actual appeal system? If not, why?
A58: I would love to pass along any feedback you have directly to the OPR team. Please reach out to me on Telegram. For appeals, we are working on it. In the meantime, if your candidate is rejected, NIA OPS recommends resubmitting after improving the title/description or the image.
Q59: I've asked before and been told "if you got a confirmation email, your submission will be processed." But I've been waiting for over 3 years for some of my portal submissions to be processed! Can you please find out what is going on with pre-2015 portal submissions? I have 8 in queue.
A59: I think we may need to research this one. Can you send me, via Telegram, the information about your Portals?
Q60: Can we have some Indian languages added to the game support. It's not that hard to get hold of a good translator.
A60: Anything is possible.
Q61: Now that the Guardian badge is over are there any plans to include an alternative such as total cumulative years portals held?
A61: Our main focus is currently feature parity for Ingress Prime and its release. I’m sure once the backend is upgraded lots of new features and badges will be rolled out. This isn’t an official response just my own opinion based on what I have learned about the development process and timeline.
Q62: Could you check on PAC? While he did look okay at Navarro he hasn't posted anything about the investigation in a long time. Essex is starving.
A62: Given the highly sensitive state of the investigation into the universe codenamed OSIRIS,’ PAC has indicated that he has been going off the grid when necessary to protect himself and the integrity of his work.
Q63: What would you do if you always accurately and fairly rated your mom's lasagna, but suddenly one day your mom's reviews were called 'poor', and no matter how you review her lasagna from that point forward, she only said your reviews were 'poor', they didn't count, and she would never do anything to tell you why?
A63: Order more of her lasagna and keep eating it because it is THAT good. Send me your information via Telegram and I’ll kindly ask the OPR team to look into. Sounds like something that might benefit from additional research.
Q64: Hey Andrew. I hope you have a great day. Are there any plans to open portal edits review in OPR for European Agents soon?
A64: I think by the time this is published you’ll have your answer. Enjoy the edits!
Q65: Today a list of EMEA Mission Days for 2018 has been released. There were no MDs in connection with Anomalies mentioned. Will there still be MDs on the day after the anomalies on location of the anomalies or will they be sacrificed due to new rules?
A65: Yes, there will be Mission Days taking place after Anomalies. However, Niantic relies on the playerbase to help plan and execute them if there is sufficient demand to have one. If there is not sufficient demand, or support, they won’t happen. I’ll see if we can post the confirmed list of additional Mission Days related to the Anomalies.
Q66: Are welcome signs for townships, municipalities, boroughs, cities, and towns valid portal submissions?
A66: NIA OPS says, “Only if they have any historical or cultural significance.”
Q67: Will NL1331 be touring in North America this year?
A67: Yes. I keep trying to type more than that but … [connection terminated] … that keeps happening.
Q68: When can we expect Ingress registration to go live for the July 28 events?
A68: I believe the goal is next week. Don’t quote me on that though as I couldn't confirm it in time to publish the responses. But I'm fairly confident in what I believe is the answer.
Q69: Hello Andrew, I hope you had a good day. Do you know why +H. Richard Loeb and the other have subdenly go silent? Do youhave any news about the murder document (on Calvin) or the darkxmcure? Or any information on the fate on all the niantic investigator? Or the techtulu, Klue, Susana or the other missing ones? if you don't, do you think, you would be able to get hold of this information on the foresable future or is it lost with the NIA renovation currently going on?
A69: I believe this was covered via other questions.
Q70: Andrew, when would you come to Chile to have some more wine?
A70: Yes! That wine was really good. If you were responsible for it in any small way -- THANK YOU!
Q71: Is it possible to prevent an agent in a plane to capture/interact with a portal to fall in line with the rules about speedlocking, and actually being at a portal to play the game?
A71: Is it possible? I’m sure it is somehow. I didn’t get a chance to ask the development team the question though.
Q72: Some guy in our place is spoofing a lot, like going to santa monica and coming back to india and admitting that he had spoofed, why isnt nia banning those dudes, hve reported so far many times, but in vain!
A72: Send me the ticket number via Telegram and I’ll see what I can do. I can’t make any promises though about a specific outcome.
Q73: I realize this goes back to late 2013, but is there a reason the Ingress Report's live stream of 13Magnus Phoenix can't be viewed? Other live streams on the official Ingress channel, like 13Magnus San Francisco and Aegis Nova Brooklyn, can be seen again.
A73: I’m going to have to dig into this more. I have no idea.
Q74: Could we get some clarification about changes to missions? I've seen speculation that missions will be changed dramatically because of the cancelled mission days and that they may not be completely compatible. What does this mean for us mission authors? Should we continue to spend hours refining and designing new series or is it best to "wait and see" what happens with the Prime update?
A74: Currently, nothing will change for Mission Authors. Yes! Please continue to submit Missions.
Q75: Is the way check points and cycles are scored going to remsin the same, or change once ingress prime comes out?
A75: The development team says that this is not something that is changing… yet. I added the “... yet”. They didn't include it. Gotta give them an out. But in talking to them it doesn’t seem like anything will change.
Q76: Do you want to come to Glasgow mission day?
A76: I’ve never been. Could be fun. I’ll have to check my schedule.
Q77: i seen some people switch their Home Location on OPR to somewhere where they do not live/work like switching from Europe to USA.Mostly players do that to get faster points for Recon medals. Is that against the ToS?
A77: I spoke to a couple of internal teams on this and so far the verdict is that it is not a TOS violation.
Q78: Forgive me, I'm gonna indulge in a little conspiracy theorizing...
A78: The Boogeyman isn’t real. The lasagna is though.
Q79: Hola Andrew! Past AMA I asked about some packs from past anomalies with characters badges not yet redeemed and what is going to happen with them once Ingress Prime is released. You answered that you couldn't get a definite answer and to try again next month. Were you able to get an answer? Thank you.
A79: I did talk to the Development Team. Regardless of what happens with Prime, codes will still be redeemable via the Intel map. There isn’t a plan to fully retire all Ingress 1.0 codes… yet. Yes, I added that “... yet” in there again like I did for A73.
Q80: Since a week or 2 I am not receiving any emails regarding submission/edits/photos. I do receive attack mails and there is nothing in spam box. I don't know is Portal actions from the game are send now. Opr status is still great so that's no issue I guess. Could you check or have someone check?
A80: The OPR team says they recently found a bug with the editing system and sending emails. A fix for that was recently implemented I believe. They are researching similar issues in other parts of OPR to see if they can reproduce some of the other things players have brought to our attention.
Q81: Hello Andrew! I hope your week was amazing! My question is, if you could change anything at the Navarro-like Magnus events, what would it be? And it can be anything really, not necessarily something to improve.
A81: I would add a third day to the schedule so that day one and two can be spent building and day three can be hang out and relax day. Then pack up and leave on day four. That means holding over a long weekend probably. Things still felt a bit frenetic and that day of rest/partying could be appreciated I think.
Q82: I've won ingress, now what do I do?
A82: Plan Ingress First Saturday, Mission Days, attend Anomalies, make triangles to help your faction win the checkpoints, recruit as many people as possible, volunteer to be a photographer and document what other people do and their crazy missions. Start a YouTube show about Ingress… I know someone that can help you with that. There is quite a lot and I’m fairly confident you haven’t maximized your options.
Q83: there are still unfinished medal to few agents for MD and NL events in Indonesia, how to solve this, where should i address the request to solve this issue? it seems like this issue was left behind
A83: Contact me on Telegram and I’ll see what I can do. Fair warning, it might take me two days get your message though. Nothing intentional, I just get a lot of messages. I’ll eventually get to yours though.
Q84: Any chance you'll be able to make it to Baconomaly 2019?
A84: Perhaps if I plan far enough in advance.
Q85: Hi Andrew, are there any new scanner challenges or should Ingress become even more boring?
A85: Honestly, if I told you what to expect would you still post passive aggressive questions that fill my heart with joy or would it just be a boring respectful and non-dramatic way of phrasing what you want to know?
Q86: So, I'd like to ask a hypothetical question, with a factual underpinning. We have a portal. Said portal is on the grounds of a public elementary school. Clearly against the rules, no debate there. If you even look at the nearest property line, it is with private residential property, which is also clearly not permitted. We ask for the portal's removal. It is denied due to "lack of sufficient evidence." We decide to resubmit. This time, we provide a link to the county's GIS site, with the portal put in the same exact place as on the portal link we provided. There is literally nothing more we can do to make it clearer that we can see. Again, we are told there is not enough evidence to remove the portal. So, what are we doing wrong? What would make this easier to review on Niantic's part?
A86: NIA OPS says, “For some locations we may need some more context before we take an action. For example, in this case, it's possible the location wasn't identified as a school. If a Takedown gets rejected, and you have additional context to provide, post it in the Ingress Appeals Community.” That all being said, reach out to me on Telegram with your Portal information. It could be good to research things and see if there is additional issues present.
Q87: Any plans to revamp First Saturday activities besides just using scores? More co/op style activities in game?
A87: I’ve been thinking of Ingress FS events a lot lately. I think very soon I’d like to hold a townhall and talk to players about ideas they have on how we can improve things. I have my own but I love to banter around with others.
Q88: When reporting an invalid portal, especially “no longer exists”, can we please have the option to send a photo with it? This “lack of sufficient evidence” response isn’t helpful when a building is torn down, sign is gone, church has moved on and a new business is in it’s previous location, etc. Maybe the photo will help the reviewers see what is actually present on the portal site?
A88: For now, you are advised to use the Portal appeals community on Google+. The OPR team would love to implement something like this down the road. But first, the immediate priority is Ingress Prime.
Q89: Hello. I've entered the world of Ingress as a Pokemon Go player, with the initial intention to make better infrastructure in my town. Reasons aside, there is my issue: Recently, Niantic managed to clear most of the portal limbo backlog (at least in my area). Three thumbs up for this move. But there still is a group of portals (the long lasting ones, not new), that did not transit to 'that other game', despite proper area conditions (single portal in level 17 s2 cell).
A89: There is not a 1:1 map of Portals to places of interest in other games.
Q90: In previous amas you said its ok to have portals in closed areas just because i cant reach the portal doesnt mean others cant. I can live with that if the faction who controls the portal isnt some kind of douchebag. Now to my question how can it be that nia ops say a portal in an closed area is fine where taking photos is forbidden?
A90: The TOS states that you agree to abide by all local laws. NIA OPS does not have the knowledge of every local laws in every city throughout the entire world. NIA OPS is also not the enforcers of policy set by municipalities. If someone believes that a TOS violation has occurred, they can use the Help Center ( to submit a ticket for NIA OPS to review. NIA OPS says that they are happy to work with property owners/managers if they have concerns.
Q91: Good evening Andrew! What are your thoughts on #TS-Morpheus and suggestions for future episodes... They have thought about expanding more of the agent's stories...
A91: It is a very creative initiative and I enjoyed their camp at Navarro. I would be interested in reading/seeing/hearing more.
Q92: Hi Andrew! we are happy to have an anomaly schedule so far ahead. thanks. However, what is the reason Niantic hesitates to confirm anomaly series names in advance as well (even if no logo)?
A92: We have to keep some secrets. No, seriously though, it is about Marketing mostly. There will always be a struggle between the forces that want everything now and the forces that want to maximize awareness and exposure. The good news is we’ve broken the cycle of last minute information. So look for things to be released in a more timely manner than in the past.
Q93: Can we get a disagreement stat in OPR? Maybe even show recent ones so we know where we went wrong?
A93: I’ll pass this feedback along.
Q94: We have reached a point lately in OPR (in order to stop fake portals - created with the use of both fake camera app and fake photos from entering the network) in which we extensively research each photo submitted (meta-data, places in web from which it was copied etc) and base our decision on that…. Is it possible for NIA: 1) to limit the location marker when someone submits a portal to some meters around the agent's real location? (essentially making useless the fake camera app) 2) To finally update the report forms in the help/support site to enable reporting the fake "submitters" and possibly the portals too (since the portals appeal community seems to be inefficient for a long time now)?
A94: According to the OPR team: 1) We can (and will) consider this for Prime. 2) Reporting abusive submissions is being worked on now and will be coming soon directly in OPR.
Q95: Hi, Adrew. I was wondering if you will ever read unread hangouts any day soon xD There is some stuff I believe you will find interesting to read :)
A95: Hangouts!? Are we still using that? I guess I should check on my unread messages.
Q96: Is "stacking" -shutting off data firing multiple Buster's turning on data against TOS?
A96: Disabling the network intentionally is interfering with the intended operation. I'm not sure if it is against the TOS as I couldn't get a definite answer. But it is against the spirit of the game at a minimum.
Q97: I remember taking an ingress survey with a question mentioning buying character cards from the in-game store. Are there plans for this?
A97: Nothing currently.
Q98: Any possibility of a 'Nia Validated' (even for a fee) Certification for tool creators? It would be a huge benefit to tool creators and agents alike to know what is in White/Black/Gray areas.
A98: We are still exploring the legal possibilities of a program similar to what you suggest. Unfortunately, a program like that complicates things from a business perspective and it is just something that needs to be evaluated and worked through.
Q99: Any plans in Ingress Prime for color blind people? I have an agent who select blue because he see a little more this color...
A99: I spoke to the team and they said, “This is something that we are trying our best at, but need users who can help us improve it. If that agent is interested, we'd like to work with them.” So have the Agent contact and me and I’ll put them in touch with my people.
Q100: Are there any reprocussions against trusted reporters who file false reports either purposefully or because they didn't do their due diligence before contacting Niantic? Thanks in advance!
A100: It is very situational but there are metrics needed to remain an active member of the Trusted Reporter program.
Q101: Will prime have a different social strategy than simply Google+? Will it be in house or continue to be 3rd party?
A101: Let me ask you this question. If Niantic were to build a set of community tools, which may include a forum in addition to something along the lines of Google+ that allowed you to create private community space to communicate with/to the members of your private local communities -- would you use it? Tag me in a post about the topic and let’s get a conversation started.
Q102: Will there be another OPR/submission based AMA with NIa OPs? I feel like a lot of people missed out on the last one.
A102: Currently, it sort of is that. I frequently forward questions to the teams to either help inform me as to what the correct response should be or to verify the response I wrote is factually accurate.
Q103: What if NIA have a person near communities that respond and manage all ban appeals, maybe one for each country
A103: We did explore something like this. However, after looking into it almost all scenarios we played out eventually came down to a popularity vote with limited data with the constraints we have. Which I don’t think, and others agreed, would be the best course of action at this time.
Q104: Is there an effort that you're aware of on improving the recruiting process.
A104: There are many things we are looking to to help solve the onboarding issues. Since many are still in development or in the beginning phase or project management I can’t really speak to it. But know that it is something we recognize and want to address.
Q105: Dear Andrew. In our region we see a lot of pogo players who are playing together just to reach lvl 10 in order to create pokostops. Personaly these players do not enrich our communitie. Dont you think Nia should not make all new portals a pokostop of gym on default?
A105: Not all Portals are Pokéstops.
Q106: Mr. Krug, I'll mean no disrespect in this post, and I know that you, yourself, are not developing Prime, but i have a fairly big issue 6 months into 2018. Prime is a huge opportunity to bring players to the game, new & old, but especially old. The main complaint I hear from players that quit is lack of endgame content.
A106: No disrespect taken. I think once the Prime upgrade is complete (front and back end), there will be a whole host of new features and mechanics implemented.
Q107: Is there a way which individual cells can look back to see specific MU per checkpoints?
A107: Select OPS. Go to Intel, Regional Scores (in the top right), select History from the bottom left, select Cycle, and then you should have cycle scores.