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August 28th 2017

Q1: Should charitable organizations be accepted as portals under #missionsforgood? It is not in the guidelines but was suggested by +NIA Ops​ we could submit portals for them in past. Some players are denying these portal submissions since it is not listed in current criteria.
A1: As long as they meet the criteria for being portals I don't see why not.
Q2: is there a pattern to your times of AMA? Will next week be 11pm and the week after 1am Monday?
A2: There is no pattern. Whenever I finish my Monday duties that take precedence, that is when I post the AMAs. I gotta pay the bills first.
Q3: What is your most anticipated feature improvement for Ingress 2.0?
A3: My personal favorite is something that we all know is coming, one finger screen interactions.
Q4: what's Niantic doing with all the data it gathers from the blobs? is it sold to the CIA? Trump? many folks would be interested in such "bigdata".
A4: The short answer is that, per our Privacy Policy https://nianticlabs...., we use it to make the game better and improve the services.
Q5: How was your anomaly weekend? Tell us an amusing story that happened.
A5: <insert Goodfellas movie quote> I’m funny how, I mean funny like I’m a clown? I amuse you? </end quote> So Peanut's mom...
Q6: Do you enjoy your job?
A6: Hell yes!
Q7: Will 2.0 have anything new to gameplay beond lvl 16?
A7: Initially, probably not as initially we'll want to make sure there is feature parity between 1.0 and 2.0. But after things are stable I presume there will be a lot of cool thing introduced.
Q8: LA is out of portals. Can we have submissions now? What's the queue at?
A8: 18%
Q9: When you are able to get your grind on. What do you like to do most?
A9: I've been known to walk around town with my volume up to 11 so people can hear the Resonator destroyed sound. Yeah... I'm that guy. So destroying probably if was forced to pick and it didn't include operating or strategic planning.
Q10: Why does OPR ADA rotate in the opposite direction to the scanner?
A10: Because you are both looking in the same direction.
Q11: In our area a player has openly admitted to using multiple accounts.... What kind of information can we provide to be of the greatest help in the investigation?
A11: I can't promise a specific outcome but send me a HO or TG message with the details and I'll see what can be done.
Q12: Do you believe that All-Onyx or All-Platinum and such things should include Recruiter and MD? These badges are usually ignored, however, completionism dictates that all badges at onyx means all badges at onyx.
A12: Variety is the spice of life.
Q13: Hi Andrew! Ingress Nex band....any updates??? Thanks!
Q14: Is there any news on the war on spoofing?
A14: The short answer is yes, but I can't comment on it publicly. But a few new things have been implemented.
Q15: Why are the keys from the registration portal (In Basel at least) gone?
A15: Portal keys disappear when a portal is deactivated.
Q16: Does ingress 2.0 look anything pokemon?
A16: You mean besides the fact you have to spin a portal to hack items, throw your resonators to place them, and try to catch XM in a ball? /s
Q17: What do you think of some different types of sorting in inventory, while keys are filtered?
A17: I'm going to get myself in trouble... but what the hell... there will be some very cool things to come to key management. I am excited for it at least based on what I've seen. At what point will it get implemented for 2.0 I do not know.
Q18: What is your opinion on a blank portal key item? A very rare hackable key that can become a key to a portal if the agent is in range of that portal or has a key already for that portal?
A18: That's a really cool idea actually.
Q19: Macau was hurt by the biggest typhoon in past twenty years and still under recovering. Niantic persist to continue the event, even newspaper said this is "not good". What do you think?
A19: This was not a decision made by Niantic unilaterally. Many people had input including locals who lived there and our own employee who traveled to Macau. They were relaying to us what the real situation was. The POCs agreed to adjust the Anomaly Zone and to continue with the event. Even the people at the registration venue told us to come and continue as planned. At the end of the day, people were able to travel to Macau, play safely without impacting any of the clean up efforts, and have fun giving a needed boost to the economy when they needed it most. The event occurred without any incidents and therefore I personally think it was the right call. There are some inflammatory and hyperbolic posts on social media about the topic. However, the truth speaks for itself.
Q20: What time will the anomalies in September occur?
A20: Here are the Phase 1 start times for September: Seoul: 3pm Bali: 2pm Galle: 11:30am Stockholm/Ljubljana/Turin: 2pm Belo Horizonte: 2pm DC: 1pm Kansas City: Noon
Q21: Hi, for reporting a spoofer, how do I give a concrete proof if I am at a remote portal (yes, only one portal), and cannot find the "suspicious agent" on site? It seems to be difficult to give NIA a good evidence if the spoofer only attack one portal and disappear...
A21: Just provide NIA OPS the date/time (in UTC) and link to the portal in question. If you need things escalated just shoot me a message.
Q22: Why can we not tell by looking at a portal if it has been flipped using an ADA or Jarvis in the last hour?
A22: That is the way it is currently designed.
Q23: Dan Su (IDS) - Evening. When will we get an announcement of Nov. Japan XMA site & Dec. Taiwan XMA site?
A23: We are waiting on final confirmation on a couple of things before we can announce the cities.
Q24: Niantic published Magnus Reawakens(Camp Navarro) and Agent Olympiad were included in 13 Magnus Reawakens Anomaly series.
A24: They are part to the series in name and the winners received Intel about the Anomaly. However, the Anomaly score is not impacted by Navarro or the Olympiad.
Q25: Dear +Andrew Krug​​ When will you visit Japan? We are extremely looking forward to meeting you!!
A25: Well... there is an Anomaly there in quarter four.
Q26: How can I get my wife to play ingress? Does 2.0 support this? Please halp!!
A26: Tell her she can pick the opposite team as you battle you for resources and if she gets good enough she can make you join her faction because she has become the better Agent.
Q27: Can we expect portal submissions to come back this week?
A27: Probably not.
Q28: Hi Andrew! I joined OPR since April. In OPR & portal appeal community, Many OPR agents thinks indoor portals should be all rejected. Many good portals are rejected by this way.What do you think about indoor portals in public area? The first term of the OPR guide says antique in museum can be accepted, but many people ignored it as always.
A28: It is hard to make a blanket statement about something that is subjective. I will say that they should be considered though, in my opinion.
Q29: Will we ever get new episodes of +Behind The Scanner?
A29: As soon as my schedule frees up a little more.
Q30: Is there any redress for recovering a profile (or at least its stats for a new profile build up) in the event that and email provider changes its hosting provider to a non-google one? I know several people have had this issue.
A30: Not at this time.
Q31: Behind the scanner... it was a great show. Any form of it going to return?
A31: I really want to do something but just need a little more free time.
Q32: This anomaly weekend featured a notably higher then normal number of issues... Can you detail what steps are being taken to avoid this in the future?
A32: There were, regrettably, some errors this weekend that impacted events in a negative way. We are in the process of determining what the root cause of the issues was. In most, if not all cases, we have figured out the root cause out. We are making some adjustments to the execution of certain tasks and ensuring proper lines of communication are open and processes followed. We will do our best to mitigate these issues from occurring in the future.
Q33: Nia choose Telegram as official communication channel. Do you have any concerns about fact that Russian FSB asked tg creators to provide very wide range information about tg users to government?
A33: We are not talking about state secrets or anything really important. If someone wants to know about my mother's lasagna reciepe they can have it.
Q34: Please relay our thanks to +Visur Technology​ for finally posting portal data to ViaNoir anomalies. Can you let us know when the data was finally shared?
A34: I have no idea. I don't work for them and don't know when it was shared.
Q35: Can you give us a rough time frame of when Ingress 2.0 will be released (still later this year?), or will it be a surprise?
A35: The goal is to still get something out by the end of the year. As I've been saying for a while, what that looks like is still to be determined.
Q36: Do you know why there is a limit for viewing other agents' profiles in the scanner...
A36: Accessing another agent’s profile is energy intensive. Cool-down periods ensure that a scanner does not destabilize while querying multiple agent profiles.
Q37: I miss the occasional Ingress Report. Especially after an Anomaly. They were entertaining and informative. Will we ever see Susanna Moyer or someone else return to deliver these?
A37: Stay tuned and follow
Q38: Why keep listing all the AMAs in the current post? Wouldn't be easier to share them all to an AMA G+ collection and just link to the collection in each post?
A38: Well 1) I like lists. 2) They are part of a G+ collection. 3) I could do both so if people just miss one they don't have to comb through a collection to find the one they missed. 4) See #1.
Q39: Will detailed data about last anomalies measurements and scoring per portal be published? If yes, when will you do it? If no, why not?
A39: I think what exists is what exists.
Q40: Is it true that everytime someone asks about portal submissions reopening it gets delayed by a week?
A40: No. The reality is, every time someone asks I get another gray hair in my beard.
Q41: What are your thoughts about allowing participants that have registered on-site as the only ones that can play in the designated play areas for anomalies and are the only ones that can get the anomaly medal.
A41: What you describe sounds a lot like instancing. Basically creating another instance of the portal network that only a select group of people can join and play in. As a long time gamer I am a fan of instancing for many reasons. However, I don't think we should limit participation to only those people physically present. Going by the current game mechanics there is a lot of support that can be performed by remote participants who cannot attend. We don't know exactly what the future holds for future game mechanics. There may very well be a remote competitive aspect. So I think we should keep the door open on that.
Q42: Please read the following question in your mind with John Olivers voice: "Speedlock, How is this still a thing?" :)
A42: I think John Oliver would reply, "Because f@@k safety."
Q43: Can we count on NIA to consult the community next time something similar to Szczecin happens?
A43: Yes.
Q44: Given that Missiondays are intended to be XF-Events, appealing to Agents of both factions, does the organising Community have to be XF too?
A44: Does it "have to be"? No. It is not required.
Q45: How was your anomaly weekend?
A45: Fan-flipping-tastic!
Q46: Hi. Returning to questions about access to portals. How much a person should have access to the portal so that he change status from the private space to the public space. For example, playgrounds exists on the courtyard of each condominium in Russia (this is the law). Only territory co-owners has legal* access to which. But the number of co-owners is very large, from a few hundred to up to one or two thousands (several condominiums with one courtyard - superquartiles). Are such playgrounds publicly accessible community gathering place?
A46: I don't think playgrounds in general are allowed. Someone can correct me if I am wrong. If there was a work of art in the common area it would be allowed because it is not a single family private residence. Edit: I am wrong
Q47: In our small city has a gps-spoofer, which destroying every L8 portal, destroing frackers, set bad modes in homeportals and in every possible way interferes with playing. Ingress support ban him very slowly, and after every ban he reborn with new L8 account in next day ! We can't do anything with him! How can we resolve this situation? I've heard what its in a few cities such situation...
A47: Send me a HO or TG message with the information.
Q48: Hello Andrew! I was wondering if you had a good anomaly past the obvious issues? Did you have any memorable moments or possibly good stories to tell?
A48: I honored to be asked and to perform the wedding ceremony of two Agents at a Resistance after party. That's the second time for me.
Q49: Why ingress called like "Ingress" ? Not "portalwalker", but "Ingress" ?
A49: Maybe, because it has less characters so it is cheaper to print. I have no idea.
Q50: Andrew, what Nia think about such web-sites...
A50: They are clearly a TOS violation.
Q51: Hi Andrew! What did you heard about special programms to fire xmp-detonators several at once?... Is it violates the ToS ?
A51: In my opinion, yes it does violate the TOS.
Q52: Hello, the break between the end of Phase 2 and the beginning of first measurement in Phase 3 was very long. May you please consider to change that. Maybe four measurements like in Phase 1.
A52: This has been discussed. I don't think it'll change for September. But for Q4 in November and December we will look at all of the feedback.
Q53: Many other games have leaderboards where you can compete to be the best and compare yourself against other players. Is this something that you have considered adding to Ingress?
A53: For general play, I think this could be interesting. For Anomalies, it takes the team element away from the event I think.
Q54: How do we officially request the service of the mighty NIA Game Masters to recover a spoofed take down of a strategic portal?
A54: Contact me.
Q55: Will there be new 2017 badges for Q4 anomaly?
A55: Yes. But that's all I can say for now.
Q56: Milk first or milk last ?
A56: Last.
Q57: Hello Andrew! You do not know whether the anomalies on November 4 and December 2 will be part of the 13MAGNUS Reawakens series or will it be a separate series of anomalies? Thank you in advance
A57: They will be a separate series.
Q58: In your opinion, do you believe that Ingress events could be managed better?
A58: I believe there is always room for improvement and we should never stop reviewing and questioning ourselves.
Q59: Andrew Krug​ There's been a lot of talk about the negatives, but what do you think went well/what did you like about the first round of the Magnus Reawakens anomalies?
A59: Great question. I think the overall format went really well. There are a few tweaks I would advocate for. But I think we are getting really close to a excellent event format. The registration portals also worked well. It allowed faster pushing of on-site badges. I think having the POCs review the rules prior to them being widely released was a great thing.
Q60: Can you share with us what you know on new items expected?
A60: Sure... hold on there is a knock at my door though...