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August 21st 2017

Q1: Will Goruck Urban and Stealth challenge return after OCF ends?
A1: It is unknown at this time. But I am very optimistic. We have also been in talks about doing some other things too. I would tell you but... you know the rest.
Q2: What is our current status on the OPR portal backlog queue?
A2: 20% of the backlog remains.
Q3: Where do I exaclty have to look on the intel map to find the MU generated by a (big) field in the all com log?
A3: Ohh a pop quiz! Is the answer, looking at the comm with the Intel map pointed at the anchor that was used to close the field? If not, I'll take what's behind door number 2. Mathematically, you should always take what's behind a different door.
Q4: Given that Niantic now has Telegram as an information platform, is there any way that you can convince Devs to add Telegram into the settings panel as a linked account?
A4: I can certainly make a suggestion.
Q5: I was wondering, the embedded reporters were chosen but so far I have only heard about agent being chosen for the first anomaly weekend. Is there hope for me to be chosen for the second weekend of the anomalys?
A5: This is my bad. Things didn't go the way I planned so I am behind in notifying the September Embedded Reporters. My goal is to do this tomorrow or Wednesday.
Q6: The Ingress story has several notable official NPCs. Would you mind sharing a bit of background-knowledge of how this process works? Did they audition or were they specifically "scouted" (or their agency contacted) or did they rise to the official side of the story through their effort (Kodamasmiles?)? Are they merely actors (playing a role without any creative freedom) or do they have a certain level of creative freedom to perform within the predetermined boundaries of their story persona?
A6: We have actors? Next you'll tell me that you think this is all a mobile game.
Q7: After the new update the option of submitting new portals in Brazil is no longer available. Has the NIA suspended it or is a bug?
A7: This was a bug. I believe that it is fixed at the time of me writing this. If you are still having issues, you might have to perform a reset.
Q8: Hey Andrew! Hope your morning was interesting!! Did you get to see the eclipse? How else do you think it it could affect ingress?
A8: I don't know exactly but I've had a headache all day and seeing and hearing things. Sometimes before they happen. Anyone else a little more sensitive to things today?
Q9: We are less than 100 days from the the big 1000 day mark, any chance there will be a badge or something for it?
A9: Isn't there already a badge for it?
Q10: It look like the middle east is having the least attention from NIA anomaly NL, etc What can we do to have more stuff in for example Dubai.
A10: Sometimes it take someone pointing something out in order for us to recognize there is an issue. While I can't promise anything, I'll bring this up to the team.
Q11: Will you bring back the Seer medal for players who do not have them, since you guys are increasing the medal of those who already have it?
A11: The path forward for the Seer medal has not been determined yet.
Q12: n your personal, non- niantic opinion as a long time ingress enthusiast, do you agree that operation portal recon has been a runaway success?
A12: What are the measures of success that we are talking about? If we are measuring success based on a reduced backlog and new portals being created - then yes.
Q13: Have you heard of any new (and/or wildly speculative) news about a MUFG variant within the last 2 weeks?
A13: I have.
Q14: Portals that are outside of a school. ie the school's wall graffiti, or school logo. Players don't need to go into the school and bother students. Approve or or reject?
A14: If they are on school grounds I would reject.
Q15: I seem to have lost (or deleted) my ticket receipt for the anomaly. How do I get it resent to me? PLEASE HELP!!!
A15: Send me a hangout message.
Q16: Did you get to see the eclipse in the zone of totality?
A16: No. It was 82% I believe. Still very cool to see.
Q17: Any chance of BTS returning since I hear IR is returning.
A17: I wouldn't rule it out. But is there still demand for it? Would people actually want to see BTS come back?
Q18: What would need to happen to get Asian-style anomaly swag marketplaces up and running in North America?
A18: I don't know but I will pass it along.
Q19: Is there a minor chance that humans can rise above themselves? Or, that tech is way too advanced for our limited perception in this immature, unfortunate stage of consciousness?
A19: Never. Ever. Underestimate the power of the human mind and human determination. Where there is a will, there is a way.
Q20: I have ordered a swag pack for the Anomaly. But I didn't received the ticket by mail. It's also not in the Spam and it happened server also to other agents. What shall I do?
A20: Fill out this request for support on the Ingress Help Center: https://support.ingr...