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October 17th 2017

Q1: With the launch of OPR & submissions being limited to seven every fortnight, is there any reason why the Seer medal couldn't be fully reinstated? No doubt it would encourage low quality submissions again, but the current limitations would stop a 'flood' of them.
A1: I think we want to avoid anything that incentives low quality submissions.
Q2: When will +NIA Ops post about the changes to appeals?
A2: Soon.
Q3: How's your TG and HO backlog this week?
A3: 458 unread on TG. You have my sincerest apologies is you sent me a message and I have not yet replied. I really try to reply to each and every person but it can sometimes take me a couple of days to clear the backlog. Please be patient.
Q4: A common problem with portals going through OPR is the mysterious "too close to an existing portal" denial reason. Sometimes it's a few meters from an existing portal, sometimes it's several hundred. Is there a guideline we can go by when submitting things so we avoid this problem? I've had some top notch historical markers denied because there was a forest service sign about 20 feet away.
A4: Let me see if I can get NIA OPS to clarify this somehow. If you have any examples of the "several hundred" I'd love to be able to pass those on to NIA OPS.
Q5: Are you satisfied with the first few days of the Vanguard Project?
A5: Very satisfied. The group has been a great sounding board already. I'm excited about the future.
Q6: Hey! What's about crafting like take two level 4 Powercubes to get one level 8 Powercube. It would save inventoryspace. What do you say?
A6: Personally, I love it!
Q7: If we think we have a cool idea for the next challenge badge, what's the best way to send it over to you guys?
A7: Send me a message and I'll pass it along.
Q8: would it be possible to get result average star rating from opr in the rejected portal submissions?
A8: That's not a bad idea. I have no idea what the level of effort is to implement this though. But it could be good feedback.
Q9: What's your fave in-game item?
A9: Beacons. I'm one of those wierd people that collects the Anomaly beacons. I also love to place to meetup beacon on portals. It's a signal that something is going on outside of the game but that occurred because of the game.
Q10: have you ever checked the airbnb site? There is a section with the most unique and beautiful houses you can rent around the world , what do you think about a ingress blog with the most unique and beautiful portals around the word?
A10: I like it. I'll talk to the team about the best way to implement this.
Q11: More than two years ago, +John Hanke said "agree" and "Ack" on this post, regarding alerts and activity. Most people took that to mean that there would be some sort of action on the COMM for Intel [to] Split up ALL COMM. When will we see this happen?
A11: I think it is safe to say that COMM in 2.0 will be different than 1.0. What that final end product will look like - I am not sure.
Q12: With the remote recharging agents not eligible for a anomaly badge any longer. Will we see more more events globally so these individuals can participate to earn a badge? Because not every agent has the funds or the ability to transport themselves halfway across the continent or across borders to participate.
A12: It's not that they are not eligible "any longer", just not for Q4. As mentioned before, we are researching a technical solution to track things. Decent progress has been made on this. Some testing needs to be done to ensure it can scale to the level of the Anomaly. More to come on this in the future.
Q13: What's your stance on maybe freeing up account names at some point? There are so many entirely unused/inactive accounts which claim some very nice names. How about freeing up the names of accounts with 0 AP or inactive <L8 accounts that haven't played for more than a year?
A13: It's probably a good thing to do at some point in time.
Q14: Whenever I watch the animation for an ultrastrike, I think, Flame Strike (http://www.d20srd.or...). Ever wonder what Ingress would be like if you could point at some nearby location, such as a portal 20m away, and call forth an ultrastrike upon that spot, rather than being limited to where you're currently standing?
A14: A proximity weapon... interesting. Something more powerful than the range of an XMP but that maybe has a cooldown? Sounds like something worth exploring perhaps.
Q15: Will there ever be a way to send items through links?
A15: I have no idea. I'd rather have a way to do real life dread drops via a QR code sticker or something.
Q16: What is the biggest challenge right now with keeping the Ingress player base engaged (and/or growing it)? (speaking as a nearly completely disengaged player)
A16: This is a tough question to answer because it is subjective to each user and there are many types of user. Maybe you can reach out to me and we can talk about your situation and what you'd like to see?
Q17: Hi! Any time frame for the replacement of the MUFG-Capsule to appear?
A17: No set timeframe and my contacts have gone quiet on the topic. I don't know if this means there is something coming soon or otherwise.
Q18: If you would be a donut, what donut would you be?
A18: One that tastes like a skunks rear end. Why? If I was a donut, why would I want people to eat me?
Q19: What is the strangest Ingress-related thing you've seen since you've become the Ingress GCM?
A19: The number 1331 is ALWAYS popping up in places. The most recent was the bar/restaurant in the hotel we were staying it. It's name? 1331... It is freaky.
Q20: in one of the last AMAs you stated that the release of Ingress 2.0 is still in 2017. Now we have less then 2 1/2 month less and we haven't heard of some sort of beta testing - not even a closed one.
A20: I'm very excited with the progress I have seen. I can't give specifics, because I don't know. But all indications are that something will happen soon. I'm not sure what will happen with the Holiday season coming up and people taking vacations. But regardless, things look great.
Q21: How many fields did you make during the EXO5 challenge?
A21: 113
Q22: What's your thoughts on adding stats for destroyed mods or perhaps giving 10 AP for a destroyed mod?
A22: There are several categories for stats that I think we could add. This could be one of them. Off the cuff, I think it is a good thing.
Q23: My question is, it's the holiday season, what is your favorite holiday treat?
A23: Pumpkin spice bacon.
Q24: I've been wondering for a while now, why is it impossible to change the email address associated with one's Ingress account? Will this be different in Ingress 2.0?
A24: I can only speculate that it might have something to do with mitigating account selling. Beyond that, I don't really know.
Q25: What do you think about an event like first Saturday, execpt instead of battling over existing portals, the goal is to visit some rural area which only has a a few portals and create new portals that both sides agree on.
A25: I think that's a wonderful idea.
Q26: Can you say something about Niantics stance on instances where a player on one team sends an e-mail to the Employer of a player on the other team, accusing the other player of playing in their worktime.
A26: I have no idea what the official stance is. Personally, this sounds like a violation of the harassment clause in the Ingress Community Guidelines. Sepcifically as it relates to intimidation. Just don't do it. The fact I have to type these words out makes me feel sad. Just don't. If the employer has no issue with the employees performance that is between them. If the game is impacting their performance then I'm sure the employer will take notice and issue a performance improvement plan. Unless you are their manager, stay out of it.
Q27: Have you visited the Philippines?
A27: Not yet.
Q28: Why does Nia like to write Bruges as Burges?
A28: It's better than writing it as Sausage. Ask Rami.
Q29: Hi Andrew, which percentage of all agents made the third tier in the EXO5 challenge?
A29: I don't know but I've asked to see if we can share some data with you all. Stay tuned...
Q30: I have an idea for a new badge called traveller. Every Kilometer you travel counts for example you travel to the next anomaly 800km and it will Count you 800km for the badge. Would be very interesting to See how far we travel for Ingress. What do you think about this?
A30: My immediate reaction is that our slogan is "Adventures on foot" and not "I traveled 800km by car or airplane". I'd have to think about it more but I'm not sure about this one.
Q31: When will we know the character badge that we'll have in our EXO5 supporter packs ?
A31: Hopefully tomorrow.
Q32: Happy Tuesday Andrew! With the recent launch of the Vanguard Ambassador program, are there any significant changes to the way players should report issues related to spoofing and portal reversion?
A32: Nope.
Q33: Ingress was a 5 year project at it's launch and we are at 5. Where do you see ingress in the next year or two ?
A33: There are some very cool things coming up in the short term. The long term? I think we'll continue to push the boundaries of the game.
Q34: What is the relationship between NIA and FEVGAMES?
A34: There is no formal relationship. They are two separate companies.
Q35: What is one of your best memories from the field? Not a community event, but right out in the field in the middle of action. Say, during a baf or out portal smashing. :)tell us a story.
A35: There are so many. There was one time in mid-2014 that we were building a farm in a rural town. Near the end of it I went to deploy a VR shield on a central portal and instead deployed a VRLA. The local Resistance started putting calls out about us trying to field. Within minutes there were people there trying to take the portal down. All because I was so tired that the pink blobs all looked the same to me.
Q36: What is your opinion on agents that have created a banner, have it online for quite a while and then suddenly decide to change the image. Not a little change, but a complete different image.
A36: Whatever was approved is what it should stay imho.
Q37: What is your preferred muffin with your coffee, Apple or Blueberry?
A37: Cream cheese muffin.
Q38: After seeing the sign up for for Embedded Reporters, are they really just for primary sites? I myself am only attending a secondary (Honolulu). There is no interest in having Embedded Reporters for secondary sites?
A38: I'm not sure I understand. We are soliciting for all of the sites on November 4th.
Q39: Asking for a friend... Is there any reason the EXOs can't a portal on the international space station? Or how about the moonlander on the moon?
A39: Maybe they are there but the scanner simply cannot detect or see them yet.
Q40: Under OPR Guides, There is nothing specific for baseball fields, soccer fields, hockey courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, and etc. Obviously these things encourage outdoor exercise, and are not at all uncommon in communities. They don't intuitively seem to fit with the ruling as 'Exercise Equipment'.
A40: If you are unsure of something you should rate it 3 stars.
Q41: If a level 12+ agent changes faction, he/she will go to level 0 but retain his OPR medal. Can this agent, in his new faction and low level, review OPR despite not having the necessary level?
A41: I don't think they can. I believe they would have to be level 12+ again to gain access.
Q42: Hello Andrew. I have a question about the opr and the option to create new portals. In my town there is a church that got a lot of statues of saints (picture below) everyone it is different from the others, and we don't know if we could submit and the same for approves. I'm not saying sending the 100 statues. But a lot of them are really good ones. Well, hope your answer to share with the community. greetings from Argentina
A42: Yep these can be separate Portals. Whether they go live depends on the votes they receive in OPR and whether they are too close to one another.
Q43: Not entirely sure about your gaming background, but are/were you one who played MMOs before or even after starting on Ingress? If you did/do, which ones and which were your favourite(s)?
A43: Oh yes! I was an officer in a guild on WoW for a long time. In terms of my gaming background, I cut my teeth on Pong when my Dad brought it home and I haven't stopped playing them. Atari, NES, OG Gameboy, going to the arcade after school, using the modem in the Dreamcast to actually play against people before there was an Xbox live for Playstation network. Now I feel old... thanks man.
Q44: There's been a lot of evolution in the inventory over the past couple of years, but one category didn't change: Resonators. Any additional plans for portal-deployment in the think-tank?
A44: Maaaybe.
Q45: How you feel about intel placing your inventory keys on map?
A45: I don't know what the overhead would be for this for all players and if it is scaleable. If it is, I like the idea.
Q46: Do entries for the sage badge / year 5 art contest need to be submitted as psd or .ai files, or can I just scan a pen and ink or pencil rendering?
A46: Sketches are acceptable.
Q47: Why is there no possibility to redeem passcodes in the iOS version of Ingress? Do you guys have plans to implement that someday?
A47: It is a limitation that we have no control over.
Q48: Hi Andrew! In the portal submission guidelines it states that Private Residential is not allowed. Are portals that are on the public easement part of private residential property (such as a sidewalk) and publicly accessible allowed?
A48: A sidewalk, that probably fits the bill. Something in someone's front yard... probably not.
Q49: Soon there will be another anniversary and a holiday - from the day of the launch of Ingress - what events, promotions and medals Nia plans on this day (week or month)?
A49: Stay tuned. It is going to be awesome!
Q50: Will Nia announce Q1'18 animalies cities and dates at the end of EXO5?
A50: I'm not sure. That would seem to make the most sense. But I haven't heard any specifics.
Q51: What do you think about L16 agents being able to deploy 2 L7 Resonators as a reward? That would allow a L16 agent to at least make a L6 portal by themselves without changing the balance of the game by making it easier to make a L8 portal.
A51: HJTX3gAAAANs27imwdg2o9+k9KMT6IB4reIyTMI3wKC7XcTPuHokOi8e0oVXMe+Y2zrCfaZ4muw2rG4PqrQyklg/bPMpn68wEv+Ji52YU+Y1NOYXAdF5mEsQaW9Bjd8QelB8zEceGLp0lhfT+9j95zRb4Xrtl28F2ekZob0Z0KHF8JUWhj7MBsuksBPO3XClOpXU/q2uAsurTBvsrktkK9LaAZV+jyEzvC2nvoBs5fQphiWAlJPNGykt6AYTaIV66VUQtp7FCRbkO6ytmpbmXHgpOJpBtqq7SHTwyBrpP+WFnmNr/BTU1csw1ioyLP2zeEGbzA==
Q52: Here's a question which you should ask the community, how many languages are the weekly AMAs translated to?
A52: How many languages are the weekly AMAs translated to?
Q53: Do you like this Sage medal design? (the author is unknown to me)
A53: Ahhhh! It is hideous. Not the design. But the subject of the design!
Q54: Hi Andrew, I'm wondering if you have talked to some of your XM researcher contacts lately, I've been investigating what looks like a XM influx into the scanner when you login, it appears that this influx is personalizing the scanner to the agent but the effect appears to wear of after a few seconds although my research seams to indicate that this time could increase to as much as an hour in the future, would be nice to hear if you have hear about similar research results ?
A54: Something is afoot. I've told over and over that "Change is coming..."
Q55: What about the submissions in the limbo? how much they have to wait to be live?
A55: A solution for these is being worked on.